Inside Covid-19: More than 1m dead; saving children; Adrian Gore on innovation amid gloom - Ep 90

It’s been six months since SA went into lockdown to stem the spread of Covid-19. In this episode, we reflect on the development of the disease that has turned our lives upside down and put the South African economy into ICU, looking back at the first deaths in the country and the strict lockdown. We speak to Western Cape Premier Alan Winde and Nick Hudson, outspoken member of PANDA, a thinktank of actuaries, mathematicians and other professionals who have identified holes in Covid-19 models used to inform government policy. Paediatric specialist Dr Andre Hattingh, who has been helping children who need urgent medical attention, speaks to BizNews reporter Linda van Tilburg. We also look at the people who have been infected with Covid-19 twice - and, we are reminded by Discovery’s co-founder Adrian Gore that innovation often emerges at times of crisis.