Inside Covid-19: US, UK brace for second wave; face-mask science; SA musicians - Ep 88

European countries like Great Britain are warning of a second wave of Covid-19, and the US is also poised for more coronavirus cases as the northern hemisphere heads towards winter. In this episode of Inside Covid-19, we hear from our partners at Bloomberg how the US is preparing. Also in this episode, we examine evidence that reducing the viral dose of Covid-19 can reduce the severity of the disease. BizNews reporter Linda van Tilburg speaks to an international infectious diseases expert Dr Monica Ghandi of the University of California, about new studies that have explored whether face masks can really help to protect us from Covid-19. And, we take a look at how the creative industries are surviving, with Gwen Ansell, an Associate of the Gordon Institute for Business Science and a jazz specialist who speaks to us about how the South African music industry is adapting to the era of Covid-19.