#NWUStudentWellbeing : Suicide Prevention

When we hear the word ‘suicide’, we all experience a range of different emotions –sadness, hopelessness, loss, confusion, etc. This is not an easy topic to discuss, but a necessary one. Many people have been affected by a loved one being suicidal, having either attempted, or succeeded, to take their own lives.
9 Sep 2020 English South Africa Education · Self-Improvement

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#NWUStudentWellbeing : Assertiveness

Being assertive falls right in the middle of being passive and being aggressive. If you're passive, you might never get to vocalize your needs; if you're aggressive, you'll come across as a big bully. But, if you're assertive, you'll be able to express your desires while respecting the needs of…
18 Nov 2020 6 min

#NWUStudentWellbeing : Healthy Relationships

It is important to remember that healthy relationships ultimately help you to be your best self; they are based on trust, respect and understanding. This week, NWU-SCD is here to help!
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