Rubber Duc, Lockdown, Posduif and K-pop

Good grief, what a great chat. Join Brent Lindeque and Nick Jordaan from Rubber Duc as they chat about new music, the new normal and some good things in between.

Rubber Duc is an independent, fresh, four-piece band made up of Nick Jordaan (Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-hat), Brendan Campbell (Lead Guitar, kick drum, backing vocals), Sheldon Sham (Saxophone, crash, tambourine, backing vocals), and Amiel Gopal (Bass, snare drum, backing vocals).

Their unique “folk-swing-hop” sound immediately gathered them a flock of followers and media attention – they’ve been called “Joburg’s hottest new band” and “the next big thing” – all of this in the first year of existence.
Listen as Brent chats to Nick here...