Anticipatory Grief - is this why SA's so angry right now?

Graeme Codrington joins the Good Things Guy again to chat about hope during the Coronavirus pandemic… and what that means for South Africa!
We're 4 months into lockdown and it's also been 4 months since Graeme's last appearance on Brent Lindeque's JacPod podcast. Now, Graeme is back to talk about South Africa’s anger and where it stems from.

Graeme Codrington is a South African author, futurist and strategy consultant. He's been very vocal about the Coronavirus and what it means for South Africa. Some of his thoughts have been very serious, talking about the elderly, the people with underlying illnesses and the poor. But he's also added a different perspective and ultimately… hope.

Listen below as Graeme and Brent talk about the state of the country after 4 months of lockdown. The conversation is deep, hard and ultimately comforting.