Prospective transplant patients face a Catch-22 decision due to Covid-19

It’s month four of SA’s national lockdown, and while most of us have begun to settle into the new normal, the danger Covid-19 presents for our country has not yet dissipated.

SA is now one of only five countries to have recorded over a half million confirmed Covid-19 cases. While these are daunting numbers for all of us, for South Africans desperately waiting for a live-saving organ transplant, the mounting risks have them praying for a vaccine.

In this episode of Boots on the ground, we discuss how the pandemic has affected South Africans who are waiting for an organ transplant. What are their fears, given the extraordinary risks, would they accept a transplant right now, and how has added pressure on hospitals affected the care they are able to receive?

This short podcast series follows Sunday Times reporter Alex Patrick and senior reporter Graeme Hosken as they track, record and reflect on the real events and people that make up SA’s biggest Covid-19 news stories.

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