Book Choice - Aug 2020

We begin with a memoir, reviewed by Vanessa Levenstein, titled Undeniable – Memoirs of a covert war, written by Phillippa Garson. It’s her riveting account of working as a journalist during the early 1990s in South Africa. Melvyn Minnaar found the world of art worth a detailed visit in William Feaver’s The Lives of Lucien Freud: Youth 1922-1968, and Leanne Voysey regales us with her thoughts on Felicity McLean’s debut novel, The van Apfel Girls are Gone. Beverley Roos-Muller remains loyal to one of her favourite writers, Martin Cruz Smith and gives us her take on The Siberian Dilemma, and Philp Todres brings rhinos centre stage with Remembering Rhinos, part of the Remembering Wildlife series of four books by Margot Ragget. Seasoned ornithologist Rob Little recommends Rupert Watson’s Peacocks & Picathartes, Reflections on Africa’s birdlife, for those who’d like to stay in touch with the wonders of our truly rich African bird diversity, and Beryl Eichenberger spoke to Hedi Lampert, author of The Trouble with my Aunt, uncovering family secrets discovered during a real life journey with Fragile X syndrome. Finishing our monthly offering, Lesley Beake encourages us to look where the books for the very young are found for something to delight, and suggests four of author and illustrator Chris Houghton’s very best.