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Book Choice, is broadcast on the first Monday of each month, presented by Paige Nick.

While you’re munching your lunch or driving the myriad motorways, you’ll hear all that’s best in books. Cape Town’s top book reviewers will entertain and inform you as they cheerfully chat about the newest and nicest fiction and non-fiction on current book shelves.

You love author interviews? Well, we line up those for your pleasure and leisure too.
You want an easy-peasy competition each month with good prizes? All there, prettily planned for your lovely listening.

Do join us for your delectation… for your entertainment… for your information.

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BC - Publishers Choice - 15 Nov 22

Well hello on this beautiful bookie Tuesday morning. I’m excited to join you for this, our second ever Book Choice Publisher’s Choice Edition, here on Fine Music Radio. My name is Paige Nick, and I think we have a magnificent show lined up for you. Whether you’ve always got your nose in a book, or perhaps you like to give books as gifts, or maybe you’re a sometimes reader, or you have ‘read more, scroll less’ on your to-do list, if you fit any of those profiles, or even if you just like a bit of fine music punctuated by fine chat, you’re tuned into the right station at exactly the right time.

On today’s show, we welcome a few big-name publishers, who will be joining us to give us a bit of insight into their behind the scenes lives, and the books they’re publishing right now. They’ll be bringing us reviews, interviews with authors, bloggers, vloggers and TikTokers, as well as info on upcoming launches and must reads.

Book Choice - 01 November 2022

How can this be, that it’s the first of November already? I feel like the end of the year has snuck up on us like a sneaky plot twist out of a Stephen King novel. But here’s hoping your November is more Romantic Comedy, than ghoulish horror novel.

Welcome to Book Choice on Fine Music Radio, sponsored by Exclusive Books, with me, your host, Paige Nick, and a whole team of reviewers keen to whet your literary appetite with a host of new book reviews and interviews.

Today, we’re opening the show with Beverley Roos Muller and the new John Boyne novel, the follow up to his Boy in the Striped Pajamas that has been a multi-million copy bestseller around the world. This new follow up is called All the Broken Places. Beverley also brings us news of the new Nobel prize winner.

Shirley Gueller, reviews Mercury Pictures Presents, by Anthony Marra, this one looks like a blockbuster to me.

After that, our best Anthony Fridjhon reviews Kruger Self-Drive. Routes, Roads and Ratings perfectly timed for anyone considering a trip to the Kruger these upcoming holidays.

John Hanks read the latest Tony Park novel, called the Pride and he’ll be here to tell us about that.

Then we have a new reviwer joining us, Rachel Van Der Vijfer is a grade 8 student at at Reddam, Durbanville.

Vanessa Levenstein and I get chatting about the latest from Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu, we have both devoured these books, they are must reads

And Beryl Eichenberger dips into some great crime, with a new novel from Irma Venter, called Red Tide.

Twanji Kalula reports back on a book called Too Big to Jail, by Chris Blackhust and this book takes us inside HSBC, the Mexican drug cartels and the greatest banking scandal of the century.

And we wrap the show up with an interview I was lucky enough to do with the author of the international bestseller, high concept novel, The Measure, by Nikki Erlich.

Book Choice - Publishers Choice - 18 Oct 2022

Hello and welcome to a brand new edition of Book Choice, on Fine Music Radio. My name is Paige Nick and I'm the host of both our regular Book Choice that you've hopefully come to know an love over the years, and now, an exciting new addition and edition of the show, which were calling Book Choice, Publishers' Choice.

Every third Tuesday, at lunch time, well be welcoming a few big name publishers to join us on the show and tell us what great new books they've been working on.

They'll bring us reviews, interviews with authors, behind the scenes looks at what goes into publishing some of your favorite books, as well as information on upcoming launches in your area, that you can hopefully add to your calendar.

Lets just say, if you didn't have a massive-to-read pile before, you're sure to grow a fantastic book wishlist now.

Over the weeks, well bring you something for everyone, from fiction, to non-fiction, young Adult books, something for the kids, cook books, and even hopefully some poetry and short stories. Whatever you like to read, or whoever you need to buy a gift for, we'll be sure to cover something for you. So stay tuned, your dial is in the right place on Fine Music Radio Book Choice, Publishers Choice.

For our first ever Publishers Choice segment, were excited to welcome Penguin Random House to the show. Penguin is the worlds largest English language trade publisher, which if you think about is really impressive. So now, every few weeks, starting today, the Penguin Random House team will join us on Publishers Choice, to give into what they've got coming up on the shelves.

Book Choice - 04 Oct 22

In this edition of Book Choice sponsored by Exclusive Books and hosted by Paige Nick there are great reviews and interviews: The Rose Code by Kate Quinn;
an interview with Françoise Malby-Anthony on her latest book, The Elephants of Thula Thula; Isabel Allende’s novel Violeta; My Land, My Obsession, a memoir by Bulelwa Mabasa; an interview with Margie Orford, about her latest thriller The Eye of the Beholder and a review and interview on Notes on Falling, by Bronwen Law-Viljoen.

Book Choice - 05 Sept 2022

: Today is the first Monday in September, and you’re tuned into Book Choice on Fine Music Radio, sponsored by Exclusive Books, with me, your host Paige Nick.

For our spring show, we have a great line up of book reviews and author interviews to help you add a new book or two, or three, to your pile.

Here’s what you have to look forward to over the next hour, Beverley Roos Muller, will be reviewing Tunnel 29, by Helena Merriman. The extraordinary true story of escapees who tunnelled back under the Berlin Wall to help their contacts escape during the cold war.

Then we chat to Vanessa Levenstein about Trust, by Hernan Diaz, which was just announced as a Booker Prize longlist nominee. And here’s a fun fact we’ll delve into further a little later in the show, all the music in today’s show, comes straight out of this incredible book.

After that, John Hanks interviews Ashling McCarthy, about her first book, ‘Down at Jika Jika Tavern’.

Then Shirley Gueller gives us the inside track on Attic Child, by Lola Jaye. A book that’s had great international press.

After that, we welcome a new guest reviewer to the show. Twanji Kalula brings all his financial savvy to review Genius, the new offering from xxx Bruce Whitfield.

In the second half of today’s show, we have a really exciting segment. Beryl Eichenberger interviews Internationally Bestselling author, Louisa Treger who was recently in South Africa to launch her new novel, Madwoman.

And last but not least, another interview when Philip Todress chats to Professor June Bam-Hutchinson, who heads the San and Khoi Unit in the University of Cape Town’s Centre for African Studies.

Book Choice - 01 Aug 2022

August, the eighth month of the year, if you can believe that?
But August is also a word that has another meaning too. It can mean, ‘marked by majestic dignity or grandeur, according to the Mirriam Webster Dictionary, or it can mean venerable, according to my dusty old Oxford Dictionary that I pulled off my bookshelf covered in cobwebs. And August can also mean respected and impressive according to Google.
All appropriate, since today is the first of August, and you’re tuned into Book Choice on Fine Music Radio, sponsored by Exclusive Books. An hour of reviews of a big pile of majestic, dignified, grand, venerable, respected and hopefully impressive

Book Choice - 04 July 2022

: We are just heading for half way through our reading year. So, have you nabbed your best read of the year yet? That one book that when you close it, you think, it will be hard to find a better read this year.
If not, no fear there are still six months to go, and we have a pile of great new book options to share with you today, that might help you dig up your best read for 2022

You’re tuned into Book Choice on Fine Music Radio, sponsored by Exclusive Books, and I’m your host Paige Nick. We’ll be spending the next hour chatting about books, reviewing books and listening to great author interviews

Book Choice - 06 June 2022

And just like that, it’s June, and you’re tuned into the sixth episode of Book Choice so far this year, here on Fine Music Radio sponsored by Exclusive Books.
My name is Paige Nick and I’ll be your book host for the next hour. We’ll also be joined by all our regular reviewers, plus we have an interview with international bestselling author, Lionel Shriver, who recently visited our studio in Cape Town, and sat down to chat with us about her latest novel, and we top off the show with Rodney Trudgeon, our own person of note. So let’s get on with the books.

Book Choice - 02 May 2022

A big hello from the Fine Music Radio studio here in Cape Town, and welcome to Book Choice, sponsored by Exclusive Books, with me, your host, Paige Nick. This is your hour long feast of book reviews and interviews, to take you into lunch time on this first Monday of May.
I’m super excited about today’s show. We’ve got a ton of incredible local fiction and non-fiction, with a few international books snuck in, to entertain you too. All punctuated by the most wonderful music to whet your whistle, selected by Rick Everett and compiled by Dave Woods. So there’s not a second to spare, we have too many books and not enough time, so let’s get on with the show.

Book Choice - 04 Apr 2022

: Welcome to chapter one, page one of the April edition of Book Choice, here on Fine Music Radio sponsored by Exclusive Books.
My name is Paige Nick and for the next hour, we have 8 wonderful book segments, including 5 great book reviews, and 4 meaty interviews with authors, to share with you, so I hope you’ll stick around and discover some new gems for your book shelf.

And since this station isn’t called Fine Book Radio, and it is called Fine Music Radio, we don’t only have books, we have plenty of fine music too. And to celebrate the month of April Fools, all the music tracks in our show today, selected and compiled by the wonderful Rick Everett and Dave Wood, are about fools.

Book Choice - 07 Mar 2022

Welcome to the March edition of Book Choice here on Fine Music Radio. We have a massive show lined up for you today. So pull up a seat, or pull up your steering wheel, and join us for a full hour of great recommendations for your next must-have fiction or non-fiction reads.
We have two guest reviewers this month, with Helen Moffett, telling us about some very exciting new local fiction. And Nerine Dorman, joining us to fill John Hank’s hiking boots this month in our nature segment.

Book Choice - 07 Feb 2022

I have just one question for you?
Will you be my book valentine?
Well, technically I suppose that’s two questions.
Welcome to the February edition of Book Choice here on Fine Music Radio. I’m your host Paige Nick, and for the next hour, we’ll be bringing you a whole lot of reviews of some great new books, and interviews with authors that I’m sure you are going to just love. All sponsored by our friends at Exclusive Books.

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