Editing Allowed - What are the pro and cons of IMF loan to SA

In this edition of Editing Allowed, Hillary Joffe and the panel discuss the pros, cons and potential pitfalls of the IMF's loan to South Africa. They also hone in on Eskom's legal battle with the National Energy Regulator.
29 Jul 2020 English South Africa News · Business

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Editing Allowed - How is Zimbabwe's reform efforts helping their economy

On the show this week, Hilary Joffe and the panel discuss growing allegations of corruption related to Covid-19 procurement in the country. The panel also assess the strength of political and economic reform efforts made by Zimbabwe's ruling party, to support the ailing economy.
12 Aug 2020 26 min

Editing Allowed - Did SA sell its sovereignty?

Hilary Joffe and the panel unpack the economic cost of South Africa's liquor ban, with the likes of Consol, SAB and Heineken shelving investments. They also discuss concerns raised by some politicians that South Africa's IMF loan could lead to a gradual loss of the country's sovereignty.
5 Aug 2020 24 min

Editing Allowed - How many jobs have been lost due to the pandemic?

Hilary Joffe and the panel discuss the Financial Mail's cover story which sheds light on how many jobs have been lost due to the pandemic. The panel also unpacks government's reintroduction of the alcohol ban, along with the economic implications of the state's plans for struggling SAA.
15 Jul 2020 26 min