How the government can reshape the school system to ensure convinient learning and quality education amid Covid-19

Students, parents and educators around the world are feeling the extraordinary ripple effect of the novel coronavirus as schools are urged to close  and shut down  to curb and alleviate the spread of Covid-19 in the school premises.
According to the  World Economic Forum, Over a Billion of Students, Learners and Educators  worldwide  are affected  by the spread of Covid19,  this has affected their learning progress, mental health,  coping mechanism and  their academic Performance and it is Unfortunate that this is Expected to have a devastating impact on Education around the world.
Teachers unions in South Africa,such as SADTU, COSAS,NAPTOSA and  NEHAWU are calling for  schools to close immediately and this will affect over 11 million learners and 450 000 educators. 

VOWFM host Harvy T, chats to  Mbali Gwala,  Deputy Principal in JHB west District, a masters Student  In Education  at University Of Witwatersrand, Co-Owner Of TGR Boutique and Chairperson Of Sacred Heart sodality about how the South African  Government can reshape the school system by implementing structural transformations and strategies in the basic education sector to ensure convenient learning and quality education for all learners amid Covid-19.