Market Wrap - Stock picks — Afrimat and Bonds

Independent Analyst Chris Gilmour chose Afrimat as his stock pick of the day and David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose to look at bonds.

Gilmour said: "Afrimat I think has got all the qualities inherent, it has a nice rand hedge side of things, they know precisely what they're doing. It's not really a construction stock at all it's more a mid tier miner stock and I think there's a lot going for it."

Shapiro said: "I'm buying a lot of trackers which gives me exposure offshore were you are looking for yield. You've got the long bond at 11.5% and if inflation is truly 2% well, even if you're paying full tax, you can make some real income there. So, if I was going to warehouse my money or harbour my money I would recommend bonds and it's the first time that I do that since 1984."