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Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Growthpoint

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Growthpoint Prop Ltd as his stock pick of the day

"Growthpoint is an absolute blue chip in that space with a market cap of R76 billion. It is going through a bit of a transformation exercise, as they are diversifying offshore at the moment - although still largely about 70% of assets being South African based it is a positive statement on the state of the South African economy. It trades at a massive discount and even if you do take a very conservative forecast on distribution earnings and growth I think that this one is one that definitely has room to rally"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Barloworld

Sam Mokorosi from Vunani Capital chose Barloworld Ltd as his stock pick of the day

‘Barloworld came out with their BEE scheme, it's a property BEE scheme that we thought was quite innovative. They are selling all their properties into a SPV, management and staff are participating in that SPV but every black South African is also welcome to participate in that. The minimum check size is R2500 and I think that is a really good retail BEE scheme for everyone to go in. It is 80% geared but it is non-recourse debt so I think it is a very interesting one.“

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Offshore

Robert Towell from Sasfin Securities chose to take his money offshore as his stock option for the day.

"It's difficult at this stage with the elections coming up you don't want to make too big a call. On the local front the banks had quite a good run over the last few weeks and you are probably safer within the bank as the banking sector are still paying very good dividends. But if it was me right now I would take some money offshore."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Total S.A.

Craig Pheiffer from Absa Stockbrokers & Portfolio Management chose Total S.A as his stock pick of the day
“Total S.A., the energy producer is my stock pick of the day. I like the stock because it goes across the value chain from sucking the oil out of the ocean, to producing, refining, distributing and marketing it to the end consumer, so they have the whole value chain. When it comes to their valuation metrics, it looks quite reasonable. Their earnings outlook is not to bad and on top of it for me a 5% dividend yield in Euros is the cherry on top. “

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Emira Property Fund

Nesi Chetty from Momentum chose Emira Property Fund Ltd as his stock pick of the day.

“Emira has done quite well over the last couple of years to sell off its assets and improve its quality. The company has a very exciting international strategy, they have partnered with a company called Rainier where they are looking at shopping centres with a high category of food anchor in there. On those type of deals they are getting around 11% cash in dollar, it's a cash on cash return. If you look at the forward yield on Emira it's quite attractive on 11.5% and it's trading at probably 115 basis points higher or discount to where the overall market is on the property side."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Motus Holdings

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Motus Holdings Ltd as his stock pick of the day.

“ Motus is a company that spun out of Imperial. it is trading at a 5% dividend yield and they play in the South African vehicle market. Importantly their fortunes are not entirely tied to a uptick in new vehicle sales. They have quite a high base of annuity income which comes from servicing revenue, financial services and that is more annuity and recurring in nature.”

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Reinet Investments

Warren Jeffery from Nedbank Private Wealth chose Reinet Investments S.C.A (RNI) as his stock pick of the day.

"Stock pick at the moment would be Reinette, tobacco is not necessarily in favour at the moment and they hold a big chunk of it but we also quite like the other holdings. They have large exposure to pension corporation and they have steadily been growing their earnings over the past few years. They are trading at a big discount to their net asset value so effectively you can go into the market and buy it at almost a 40% discount to what its net asset value should be and in a relatively volatile environments that margin of safety is what we think is good protection for portfolios"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Aspen Pharmacare

Independent Analyst Liston Meintjes chose Aspen Pharmacare Hldgs Ltd as his stock pick of the day

"Those of us who have been watching Aspen at their highest was nearing R400 per share and hovered around R280 per share for an awfully long time and when it decided to drop, it dropped dramatically to around R69 per share and is now trading at around R100 per share. One of their problems was the fact that they had too much debt so they sold an infant milk company in New Zealand called Danalac in September and everyone thought that the money would have arrived already, but the New Zealand government had to give approval. In a statement from Aspen it said that the company will be sold soon, so, as soon as this deal goes through it will solve a lot of Aspen's problems"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - cash

Ian Cruickshanks from SAIRR chose CASH as his stock pick of the day.

"There is such uncertainty, look, the economies aren't dead and there are going to be opportunities to buy a good companies, I think, at better prices within the next six months and I'd be happy to wait for that"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Discovery

Caroline Cremen from Adviceworx chose Discovery Ltd as her stock pick of the day.

“We do have it on our portfolio as part of a broader portfolio choice in South Africa. I never get particularly excited about the company - I like the management and the business case but I think a lot of people have had experiences with them that tend to put them off a bit. But, if you look at where it is trading at the moment, it doesn’t often trade at these levels. Pending the fact that we are not going to have a major disaster at the election polls in May one should buy at these levels”

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - KAP Industrial Holdings

Nick Kunze from Sanlam Private Wealth chose KAP Industrial Holdings Ltd (KAP) as his stock pick of the day.

“As a short term investment we like KAP Industrials, we waited for an overhang in the stock so now that Steinhof has been resolved and they sold a big chunk of it last week, we think the overhang is now gone. Another classic example as they managed to grow earnings per share 10%-12% year-on-year, bearing in mind we had a reseccion at the end of last quarter. A classic example of a local industrial stock that is doing the right thing, and still manage to grow their business in a tough environment."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - Naspers

Robert Cameron from Thebe Stockbroking chose Naspers as his stock pick of the day.

“The reason I like it is because previously there has been a lot of noise around their value unlock that hasn't been happening because of the Tencent valuation being more than the market cap of the entire Nasper group. This means that you get everything else for free. With the Multichoice unbundling we saw a month ago shows the willingness of management to distribute these assets back to shareholders so that the market can value those as a separate listing. What we are seeing now is that they are going to spin off 25% of Naspers international internet holdings which include Tencent into a listing in Amsterdam and that will be made available to Naspers shareholders. Nasper is in a growth sector positioned for the future in terms of AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

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