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Market Wrap - Stock pick - structured products

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore chose a structured product in dollar and euros as his stock pick of the day

"I'm going for a structured product, in the US and the UK, it gives you 20% in dollars if the market stays flat every quarter so it's a nice corona virus pick at the moment. It's only 3 years long which is longer than what this virus should last."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Investec Property Fund

Nesi Chetty from Stanlib chose Investec Property Fund as his stock pick of the day.

"We're looking for defensive opportunities for post Covid and I think in the short term companies with a strong balance sheet and good cash flow will probably hold their value. Investec Property Fund is one we've liked for a while and given that the shares have come off quite a bit it's one where we see good yield opportunities."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — JSE

Nolwandle Mthombeni from Mergence Investment Managers chose JSE as her stock pick of the day. "I think there's only one company I have seen today that actually benefitted from the volatility in the market and that's the JSE. I think this is the break they needed and we're seeing value trade is up over 20% year-to-date and all that money is going to go straight to the bottom line and they are definitely going to have a good year if the volatility keeps up at this rate."

Market Wrap - Stock picks — Gold ETF, FAANG ETF and Nasdaq ETF

Sam Mokorosi from Vunani Capital chose Gold ETF as his stock pick of the day and David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose FAANG ETF and Nasdaq ETF

Mokorosi said: "If I could for an ETF I would probably go for a Gold ETF just because you have the dual hedge; the rand hedge and the chaos hedge that gold gives you and that is where I would put my money at the moment.

Shapiro said: "I'm a big tech man, I think tech stocks are going to come up so strong. Find a FAANG ETF, but if you want to stay local buy a Nasdaq ETF. I think the big companies with a lot of cash, not only to put into research and development but also to take out other companies. I think they are going to come up as big winners from the mess that we are in at the moment."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — cash

Kwame Antwi from KOA Capital chose cash as his stock pick of the day.

"The advice is simple, if you have cash, stay in cash. There will be an opportunity for you to buy what you need to buy and if you're in the markets I guess you are in already in and maybe just ride it. I think there's probably more pain down the line and I think it is better to miss the first 10-15% of a recovery than to catch the last 30% of a falling knife. So take your time, you have enough time to think and we'll get more clarity. I think the first time will be when we start seeing signs that the mortality or the infection curves are beginning to begin to flatten or at least get a sense of where we think this is going to end from a human point of view."

Market Wrap - Stock picks — cash and Anglo American

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose short term cash and long term Anglo American as his stock picks of the day.

"I'm going short-term cash, a bit of a cop-out I know but I will go bold long-term Anglo American. I think Anglo American is a quality company, diversified miner with a great portfolio and is currently trading at a price to book of 0.6, which is the type of stuff you see in textbooks. PE of about 4 or 5, they've definitely got some demand. Head winds on the horizon but if the world starts to recover I think they are well placed. They also have an amazing negative correlation between volatility and Anglo and so really bad sentiment I believe that's driving the sell-off that we're experiencing at the moment"

Market Wrap - Stock pick — SA Government Bonds

Nesan Nair from Sasfin Securities chose Government Bonds as his stock pick of the day.

"What I would buy and what is looking really attractive are the R186 medium-term Government bonds. When the bond yields spike up and the market achieves some sort of comfort the bond yields tend to react first. "

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Adidas

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Adidas as his stock pick of the day. "I'm going to be brave and go with a global consumer company - Adidas. The share price has come under quite considerable pressure in the last few weeks, down 45%. I think they still have a very good brand in the market and when thinks do open and start getting back to normal slowly they will benefit from that. They are also in a cost efficiency drive to increase their margins over time. The short term will be really tough but looking over a 12 - 18 month view they should do very well."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Various stock options

Graeme Franck from PSG Wealth Sandton Grayston had no stock pick for the day but did offer some advice on various other options.

"You can pick anything really at the moment if you feel confident. I think a few things to remember though, something like Tencent and Naspers I don't think should be too badly impacted, people are playing more and spending more time online. Standard Bank's has a dividend yield of around 10% at the moment. I think probably a little bit more pragmatically of these shares, if you're going to get into the market do it on a rand cost averaging, so pick two or three or four tranches, put 30 or 40 percent into the market now, in the months’ time, in two months’ time and the same thing for selling. If you're really in a panic and you want to sell, just sell half, hope like hell you wrong and the market goes up... because that's the state of the market at the moment."

Stock pick — Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution ETF

Caroline Cremen from Adviceworx chose the Fourth Industrial Revolution Etf as her stock pick of the day.

"I think this is one of the points in time when I say this is where you can actually look at technical analysts as a way to actually time your purchase. When you start to see momentum changing for the positive and I do think we're a little bit oversold at this point, go for the Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution ETF, simply because those marginal tech sectors have been very oversold and you can pick that up and put it in your bottom drawer because in five to ten years from now those sectors are going to do very very well."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Kumba Iron Ore

Andile Buthelezi from Sentio Capital chose Kumba Iron Ore as his stock pick of the day.

"Iron Ore has been decimated of with the Coronavirus outbreak, largely because China is a large player in the iron ore space but I'm encouraged by the fact that that new case virus growth in China has slowed down significantly. The government is encouraging workers to go back to work, they've announced stimulus package which will likely just stimulate that economic activity there and if you look at iron ore prices they've actually held up, so if you compare that to what the Kumba share price has done you'll see that there's a significant margin of safety to justified potentially taking a stake in that name. The one other thing worth noting is that I know iron ore stocks actually in China have started to come down and that indicates that maybe the steel producers are starting to draw on those inventories and starting to produce the steel so that demand is coming back."

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