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Market Wrap - Stock Pick — AB Inbev and Richemont

Independent Analyst Liston Meintjes chose AB InBev and Richemont as his stock picks of the day.

I'm picking a stock that I have never picked before, I don't want something that depends on engergy or as such, it's still ifs and buts and maybe but I think that Richemont at R110 definately has the potential and middle classes are growing and there is high aspiration. Maybe you cannot afford a watch or choose a watch because you have a cellphone that does everythign but you might buy jewelry.

With AB Inbev, people will be drinking beer, and it has been through a tough time and they did have a bit of a debt problem witch they have now resolved by listing in Hong Kong.​

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Distell

Craig Pheiffer from Absa Stockbrokers & Portfolio Management chose Distell Group Hldgs Ltd as his stock pick of the day.

"I'm looking at Distell at the moment, they have a R30 bn market cap. Quite largely tightly held by Remgro but it does trade on the market and is an owner of a lot of big brands in the wine, spirits and cider space. They have a good dividend yield of around 4% or 5% and good growth and fairly defensive."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Anglo American

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Anglo American as his stock pick of the day

"It is in the resource sector, it is Anglo American and the exposure is largely through Amplatz and Kumba Iron Ore, the listed side but it's really the unlisted segment and portfolio which is trading at very attractive multiples of two to three times EV Ebitda and you know it's the coal, nickel, manganese, iron ore and I think the market is unveiling that side of the business. As we mentioned earlier the balance sheet is very strong they will be paying down a large part of their debt but also pursuing Peruvian copper and I think in that copper is one of those commodities where there's not an abundance of copper in the world and the few growth opportunities in copper is via Anglo American which is very attractive for me investor perspective.

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Curro Holdings

Nolwandle Mthombeni from Mergence Investment Managers chose Curro Holdings Limited as her stock pick of the day.

"So in three months there will be a lot of back and forth for the metric results. The valuation now is at more palatable levels and I really think that structurally the economy requires more quality education. So at these levels I am definitely a buyer of Curro"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Reinet

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Reinet as his stock pick of the day

"My stock pick this evening is Reinet, it has been a serial under performer over
the last couple of years and for those that don't follow the counter, it's effectively an investment holding company that gives exposure to British American Tobacco, UK insurance China A listed shares and some Singaporean startups in a tech space. I know tobacco's is certainly not the sexiest industry to be in at the moment, but it has whittled down to about just over half of the current holdings in the portfolio. It's got a gem of a business in pension insurance
corporation, which is a specialist UK defined benefits insurer which is performing exceptionally well. It currently has a net asset value of four hundred and ten per share trades at
265 so 35 to 40 percent discount and I think that margins say is going to be very useful if the market comes under pressure one."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick - cash

Makwe Masilela from Makwe Fund Managers chose cash as his stock pick of the day

"It's kind of a yo-yo situation, I think for now I'll just be on cash and just deploy the money as and when I see opportunities and making a speculative trade, but I think for now cash for me is safe."​

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — US Stocks

As his stock pick of the day, Robert Towell from Sasfin Securities says to go for US Stocks in particular Amazon & Alphabet.

"I think with the trade negotiations going on now, if they come up relatively good over the next few days - I'd like to carry on going back into into the US and back into Google, Amazon, Apple etc so I think that would really release a little bit of upside on those IT sectors in the States."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Fairvest

Nesi Chett from Stanlib chose Fairvest Property Hldgs as his stock pick of the day.

"What we like in the property space is more defensive type properties, we like a company called Fairvest, it is doing very well at the lower end of the market where they are not battling with high vacancies. While retail sales have slowed it hasn't slowed to the extend that it has gone negative. This is a company with a distribution growth that is still quite healthy."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — ARC

Grant Gilburt from Nedbank Private Wealth chose African Rainbow Cap as his stock pick of the day. "We're sticking with the investment holding companies, I really like the companies that they have invested in and that they have built within the ARC stable. They have a very credible management team and some challenger businesses within that stable. So their biggest asset is Rain which is a data only mobile provider and are bringing 5G to the local market. You also have Tyme digital bank which is seemingly gaining traction but they really need to build scale in order to compete and are hitting those numbers, they are on-boarding between 3000 to 5000 clients a day so it is just a matter of time for them to gain that scale. Until then you are buying this company at a deep discount."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Shoprite

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore chose Shoprite as his stock pick of the day

"Shoprite, there has been news that Christo Wiese cut down his shares quite significantly, but he will still maintain his special voting rights, I think it is very valuable to him. A huge seller in the market has been taken out and it is below what the average but is offering a bit of value right now, and I think in the short term because you have this huge seller being taken out, it's coming down and we might see a bit of recovery come in the stock in the short term. I still do think that it's one of the best performing operations in the country.

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Sibanye Gold

Sam Mokorosi from Vunani Capital chose Sibanye Gold Limited as his stock pick of the day.

"Somebody that's coming out of a quagmire as well is Sibanye obviously they had that strike with AMCU and what's really interesting about Sibanye is that 80% of their free cash flow now comes from pgms and and the market still sees them as a gold counter. So that is rating them downwards, so we think that because we are still bullish on gold in the long term, trade issues, recession issues in the US, and we think the rand will continue being weak over the medium term but we are still bullish on the rand price in gold and so obviously the question then is who do you go for among the listed gold counters? Because even if the rand gold price is going up, it's still a tough operating environment for our gold miners and so we think that the markets are mispricing Sibanye because of that gold and at the same time we like the pgms and so that's why we're going for Sibanye at the moment."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Aspen Pharmacare

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Aspen Pharmacare as his stock pick of the day.

"Its Aspen, it's a counter that's effectively halved in value over the past twelve months. There's been a number of reasons why, most notably debt buildup and shareholders are obviously uncomfortable with that. We've seen not a lot of assistance come through in the form of a slight decline in earnings and revenue. The company has of course disposed of assets and paid down some debt. It was previously at about fifty three billion rands worth of debt, today sits at about thirty nine billion so, definitely making headway in paying off their debt. It is also transforming the company, its European operations are currently under strategic review and it is transforming across from a generics business into a sterile injectables business. There are many that have criticized its organic grow

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