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Market Wrap - Stock picks — Amplats and Sibanye Gold

Sam Mokorosi from Vunani Capital chose Amplats and Sibanye Gold as his stock picks of the day

"We still like the platinum space, we like what Anglo Platinum is doing, they came out with good numbers and there are some concerns over their leadership change so we will have to wait and see if that goes smoothly. We also like Sibanye as well, we think that the twin pillar of both the gold and the platinum is still going to run, specifically the PGM basket as there's a re-balancing of that basket, away from rhodium to the other two; palladium and platinum."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Spar

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Spar as his stock pick of the day.

"Spar's trading update was a bit weak and I think it's a good entry point into a solid business. They have a very good franchise model in South Africa which really they are the distributor and they are growing quite nicely in terms of high end. The new venture into Poland, I think is a growth opportunity for two years down the line, but that provides them some buffer against the low growth
environment that we see in South Africa."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — luxury goods

Robert Towell from Sasfin Securities chose the luxury goods sector as his stock pick of the day.

"Still going offshore, we think that the coronavirus will give you opportunity into some of the luxury stocks that have really run very harder in the last year-and-a-half. We see a luxury purchase is going to be delayed, rather than not taken, whereas if you're in China and a coffee shop that has to close for five days you'd lose that revenue and the luxury brands for one month you might not have that purchase right away but in two months that person will come back to buy that luxury product. So if they do sell off over the next two months we'll see that as opportunity to buy them."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Fairvest Property

Nesi Chetty from Stanlib chose Fairvest Property as his stock pick of the day.

"You've seen quite a bit of activity in the property space, Investec did manage to get a 875 million capital raise away, that was quite good for the sector and they are looking to recycle properties into the European logistics portfolio where the yields are 8% and higher. Grit made an acquisition in Morocco and Casablanca, they're buying a hotel asset as a tenant but it's a 9 year lease with the ability to renew over a six year period, so you are seeing sort of capital momentum and acquisition still happening. The share that we like in the space is one that's focused on the lower end of the retail market, a non-metropolitan convenience type shopping centers. It's a company called Fairest, it's got 45 property assets across KZN and Gatueng but very good properties in that they are trading well from a density perspective. They're getting okay escalations and it's a company with a strong balance sheet so if you look at the LTV it's under 30%. Even in this tough economic market they are still delivering positive distribution growth. Vukile is a big share holder and the company as well and you are getting it on a yield of about 11.8% which on a historic basis is beating quite easily cash and bonds as well."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Government bonds

Kwame Antwi from KOA Capital chose Government bonds as his stock pick of the day. "We've been discussing this for the last couple of weeks and every time I come here I am fairly conservative. I prefer bonds, if you look at the 10 year government bonds you are getting a yield of almost 9%. Inflation is just under 4,5% so you are getting just about 450 basis points for your yield. Given the uncertainty around the economy and global markets, I think the more likely direction for interest rates in South Africa is downward, so you are going to get some capital appreciation. I think it is a nice place to hide untill we get some clarity on the economic front.

Market Wrap - Stock pick — FTSE auto-call

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore chose FTSE autocall as his stock pick of the day. "I'm being a bit more cautious and choosing a structured product. It's the FTSE auto-call, basically what it does is it gives you some protection the downside and gives you a 9.5% return positively in US dollars. If the FTSE is positive after two, three, four or five years."

Market Wrap - Stock pick — BAT

Nancy Bambo from Momentum Securities chose British American Tobacco as her stock pick of the day.

"My stock at the moment is British American Tobacco, we still see some potential upside in the company. They still have strong margins it has deleveraged over the past two years which is part of management's strategy. The CDC has mentioned that the health scare that has happened in the US was due to the illicit trade and not necessarily their vape products that so that's a positive for them. Also they are expecting revenue from the US to be up by about 3%-5% and the US is quite a big portion of their revenue."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Alphabet

Graeme Franck, PSG Wealth Sandton Grayston chose Alphabet Inc as his stock pick of the day. "I'm going to go offshore, I'm going for Alphabet, all the tech companies that have reported have done incredibly well Alphabet/Google trades on their PE of 22 times and here's a snippet of information; Google is one of the only companies that is both a noun and a verb so you know you can Google something but you can't psg or standard bank something. They're bought back $2bn worth of stock in the previous financial year, that up $3bn to $6,5bn now. It is an incredible company with unbelievable brands like YouTube which is very underrated."

Market Wrap - Stock picks — Standard Bank

Caroline Cremen from Adviceworx chose Standard Bank Group as her stock pick of the day. "I'm going to contradict myself because I have said that South African equities is not a great place to be but, when looking at a company like Standard Bank, it's such a quality company, it is so defensive even while we are having the worst cycle at this point it has got a 6% dividend yield, its PE is below 10 and there is no reason for Standard Bank to be trading at such a discounted rate "

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Intel Corp

Craig Pheiffer from Absa Stockbrokers and Portfolio Management chose Intel Corp as his stock pick of the day.

"Im going for Intel. Everyone has a computer or had one in their life that said Intel Inside, but I think the way the world is moving in terms of technology, data, the cloud, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, 5g etc. All of those technology types require chips and this is the business that Intel is in and I think they're very well geared to benefit from that. In their sector they're also the cheapest in terms of valuation, in terms of price to sales, its well under four. So we like it, it's in our portfolios and had a great run up in the last couple of weeks so I think you don't need to rush out and get it but if it pulls back close to $60 or so I think this is a an $80 year or so in a year's time"

Market Wrap - Stock pick — Apple

Nesan Nair from Sasfin Securities chose Apple as his stock pick of the day. "Stock pick is still a US stock, I still like the tech stuff, so I thought apples numbers were unbelievable, they have a very good upside surprise and there as well as Microsoft, but I'm going to choose Apple that's my stock pick today."

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