Skybox Security on toughening up IT defences in a pandemic [promoted]

In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral is joined by Peter Margaris and Simone Santana of Skybox Security for a discussion on why information security must remain a top priority through the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.
Santana, who is business development director for Skybox Security in South Africa, discusses the company’s presence in the local market, how long it’s been operating for here and which industries it is particularly focused on.
Margaris, who is head of product marketing based in California, expands on the sort of conversations he’s been having with chief information security officers in recent months, especially since Covid-19 became a global issue, and what their key concerns are from a security perspective.
While many companies have realised that their employees can work from home and be productive, it has placed enormous strain on corporate IT departments, and especially those employees responsible for ensuring the integrity and safety of IT systems and company data.
Do work-from-home measures require a complete rethink of the way the corporate network is engineered? Is it as simple as using a VPN, or are some companies going to have to reengineer the way they approach IT and IT security? Margaris tackles these questions in the podcast.
What are some of the other technologies that are being employed during this time to secure company data and the network? Are customers experiencing specific challenges managing an expanded hybrid network environment? And although Covid-19 has arguably done more than anything else to accelerate digital transformation initiatives, is that a good thing if companies are suddenly trying to rush into it?
Related to this, with digital transformation accelerating, are customers concerned about being able to adequately analyse their attack surface and overall potential risk exposure?
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