The Covid Report: The Impact of Covid 19 on young people, from Accra Ghana, to China and Massachusetts in the US

On The Covid Report today we look at how the corona virus pandemic has affected young people, speaking to Khensane Nkomo who left South Africa just before the lockdown for work in China as an English teacher. Nkomo says upon arrival in China she was in quarantine for a few days.

We also speak to Duke Aaron Sasu, who is the Co - Founder of the Africa Human Rights, Law Student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who says that he has been largely impressed by how the Ghananian government has dealt with corona virus from when the first few cases were announced and the country’s borders were closed and locals restricted. Hannah Nyarkoah Nyarko also from Ghana says it was hard in certain parts of the Capital city Accra to enforce the lockdown regulations as some people live an areas where there are shared public ablution facilities.

While the rest of the African continent has seemingly managed to quell the spread of the coronavirus, the United States has seen exponential infections and deaths. Saba Amare is an Ethiopian-American, who is a fourth-year student at Gordon College, in Massachusetts, studying Sociology and Political Science says misinformation has made some Americans skeptical. The American President Donald Trump has reportedly been taking anti malaria drugs and suggested injecting bleach could prevent the virus from infecting people.