Media Law: Open Justice – Episode 1

The second series on the Webber Wentzel Legal Insights channel hosted by media law expert Dario Milo. Dario, in this series, unpacks several issues related to 'open justice' – the common law principle that court and other similar proceedings are open to the public. Over time, court proceedings are now routinely broadcast and streamed live, such as in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

Dario is joined on the show by: Adv Andrea Johnson of the National Prosecuting Authority - she was the co-prosecutor on the well-known Oscar Pistorius trial and part of the team who successfully convicted former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi of corruption in 2010. He is also joined by Franny Rabkin, Associate editor of the Mail & Guardian and one of the leading legal journalists in South Africa.

Executive Producer: Paula Youens.
Host: Dario Milo.
This podcast is produced for Webber Wentzel by Volume.