Episode 3: A freestyle about pigs, numbers and influence

Andrew Miller, author of Dub Steps - a novel about an anti-hero who finds himself in a post apocalyptic Johannesburg – gives a freestyle about the changed nature of storytelling during the COVID-19 era, and how this period is a numbers game devoid of context. Miller also ponders on whether there'll be any form of moral framework when it comes to South Africa's domestic employment.
22 Apr 2020 English South Africa Personal Journals · Documentary

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Episode 7: People power and the ABCs of response

What does it mean to be effectively responsive during the COVID-19 era ? In this episode, Gambian born and Ghana based think – tank kind of guy, Maudo Jallow joins the dots between strategy, tactics and human capacity needed to deal with the pandemic. The belief in 'people power' also…
30 Jun 2020 9 min

Episode 6: 25th Hour in The Bronx

On this episode, Bronx based graphic designer and film maker, reckons with the notion that America has devolved into a failed state. Bell embodies the character of Edward Norton as Monty Brogan in the Spike Lee directed 25th Hour, to call out America's dramatic media, the political failures during COVID-19;…
27 May 2020 22 min

Episode 5: The question of access in the new normal

On this episode, Wided Khadraoui, an Algerian-American writer, art curator and digital maven, expresses her passion of bridging the digital storytelling divide prevalent in the COVID-19 era. In her quest to give a platform to a diverse group of art practitioners in North Africa and the Middle East, Wided is in the throes…
11 May 2020 9 min

Episode 4: The Berlin experiment

Berlin is mostly perceived as a before and after city. It's before'- an epicenter to the fall of the iron curtain that separated East and West Germany in 1989. And it's 'after' a city with a burgeoning arts and culture scene. To look at Berlin more closely, founder of the…
4 May 2020 11 min

Episode 2: Suspended time during the Corona era

After leaving Paris for an entire year on an excursion to see how other people are experimenting with the medium of radio elsewhere in the world, radio journalists, Camille Diao and Christophe Payet return home to a lock down due to COVID-19. They are compelled to shut down the adrenaline…
17 Apr 2020 17 min