Mental health, children & COVID-19

Will childhood ever be the same again beyond COVID-19? There’s a growing concern around the impact of the Coronavirus on the mental health and wellbeing of children, who may have a lot of questions, frustrations and fears that they’re not always able to articulate. In episode 4 of Children at Heart, we talk to Edith Kriel, executive director of Jelly Beanz, a child protection organization that supports children and families who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect. She offers insights on how to help your kids stay mentally strong through this unusual time and reminds caregivers and parents to also pay attention to their own mental health.

Children at Heart is a UNICEF South Africa podcast in partnership with Heartlines. This series is produced by Audiodacious.

Series producers: Mzamo Moloi. Nevelia Moloi
Host: Nevelia Moloi
Engineer & editor: Mzamo Moloi
Music: "Crystal Clarity" by Space-Mono
"Countdown" by Paper Planes