Reach for a dream… even in lockdown!

Many things have changed as we pause our lives to fight the coronavirus. The world is facing an unprecedented time. The virus has to date infected over 1,2 million people globally, resulting in more than 69 000 deaths as of Monday 6 April, leaving more than two billion people around the world in some form of lockdown or self-isolation. With over 1655 cases of coronavirus recorded in South Africa as of today, there's no denying that the statistics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic can feel overwhelming, but in the face of immense stress and trauma. On top of that South Africans are strapped for cash and in turn many of our charities and NGOs are suffering for it but one charity has found a way to bring help to the kids they look after with a simple social media post! Julia Sotirianakos, CEO of the Reach For A Dream Foundation has joined Brent Lindeque today to talk about the foundation, COVID-19 and how they're planning for unlock down day.