Abortion and Sexual Reproduction health essential services

Pontsho Pilane and Game Bovana speak to Marion Stevens the Director of the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition (SRJC) about the importance of essential sexual and reproductive health services such as abortion and family planning remain operational during the 21-day lockdown.
1 Apr 2020 English South Africa Technology · Music

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How has the covid-19 vaccine affected blood donations?

Donating blood is a simple act that can save lives- people may need blood when they have surgery, cancer treatment, or transfusions for blood loss from injuries or accidents, but only 3% of age-eligible people donate blood each year, resulting in a constant demand for donated blood. The South African…
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New covid variant amidst move to lockdown level 1

In today's episode we are joined by Dr Angelique Coetzee who is a private practitioner and chairperson of the South African Medical Association. She gives us insight into the new covid-19 variant as well as how this will affect the country as we move into lockdown level 1.
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Is the molnupiravir tablet effective against covid-19?

Merck revealed in early October on a promising new pharmacological treatment that might be administered as a tablet in the days following the onset of COVID-19 symptoms to prevent severe disease. This development, which many are applauding as a game-changer, is already changing the debate. The tablet is called molnupiravir…
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Vaccination and the fourth wave

South Africa’s vaccination programme is in a race against time, with the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections expected to hit the country in December 2021 and into January 2022, says the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA). In today's episode we are joined by Dr Kgongwana who will be assuming…
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