As a caregiver, you may encounter many different kinds of difficulties. One of those difficulties could be financial, and during the colder months, you may need help from energy assistance programs. Learn more about the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, this week on the Best Kept Secrets Of Care-Giving with the UCHRA.
6 Dec 2019 English United States Society & Culture · Education

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Choices And Options

Do you have elderly loved ones? Do they need nursing home care or in-home assistance? How do you know what services they may qualify for and how to navigate the application process? That's the topic on this week's podcast of the Best Kept Secrets Of Caregiving with the UCDD.
1 Feb 2019 17 min


Whether you already enrolled in Medicare, have a loved one who is – or see Medicare on the horizon – you need to know what the best options are for your care and when you can change the plan you may have chosen that may not be working for you…
15 Feb 2019 20 min

SNAP, AAAD, And The Government Shutdown

Foremost on many minds right now – is the government shutdown and how and when this will potentially impact SNAP or Meals On Wheels benefits you receive. That's the topic on this week's podcast of the Best Kept Secrets Of Caregiving with The UCDD.
18 Jan 2019 11 min

Grandparent Caregivers

Over two and a half million custodial grandparents are raising approximately 4.8 million grandchildren in the United States. That averages to about 4% of all children being raised by custodial grandparents. About 32% of children in foster care are in relative placement homes - an increase of 8% for each…
29 Mar 2019 11 min

Respite Care Plan Pt 1

While caring for loved ones - whether it's an elderly loved one or a grand child - is rewarding, it comes with challenges, obstacles and stress. The best way to avoid this? A respite care plan. Part one of our discussion focuses on creating and organizing a respite care plan…
10 May 2019 26 min