Ethiopian Fintech Diaries: Insider Founder and Investor Perspectives

For this podcast, taped at the fringes of the recent Africa Fintech Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Global Startup Movement's Andrew Berkowitz sat down with three local tech ecosystem players— namely Adam Abate, Co-founder and CEO of Apposit, Yemiru Chanyalew, CEO of Moneta Technologies, Habtamu Tadesse, Founder and CEO of both Zayride and Arifpay to get a sense of what's trending in Ethiopia's nascent fintech scene.This episode also features investment-focused insights about Ethiopia's fintech prospects from Saad Sheikh, who is Principal of Investments at TLG Capital. Listen in to learn the following:1) How an experienced mid-market equity investor in the sub-Saharan African region frames the Ethiopia opportunity right now, [17:36]2) Whether the M-Pesa model might be as successful in transforming Ethiopia's digital economy as it has been in Kenya, and [31:50]3) Why Telegram has emerged as the dominant messaging platform amongst Ethiopian youth. [40:15]This show is full of essential real-world anecdotes and in-trench insights for entrepreneurs and investors keen on pursuing Ethiopian business opportunities in 2020.Image credit: kaleab