25 - Travelling with Cerebral Palsy with Hillary Lane

Today on the podcast our host, Lois Strachan, chats to Hillary Lane who has Cerebral Palsy and has travelled extensively across Africa and other parts of the world. Lois & Hillary have also travelled together to Ghana 2 years ago for the Afri-Need Conference.

Hillary says: "The reason I feel you should travel is that it really does broaden your horizons. Seeing things on television is not the same as experiencing it. Be very clear in your mind why you're travelling, where you're going, and how you're going, because you don't want to have a bad experience of travelling."

Hillary can be contacted on email at hillarylane@outlook.com.

Our Travel Tech Corner features a website called spintheglobe.net, created by Sylvia Longmire who has visited 57 countries as a power wheelchair-user.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

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