Ep 3: “A good story is a terrible thing to waste”

'Once upon a time', is how many of our favourite childhood stories begin.

Once upon a time there was a young girl, actually (9) young girls and (11) young boys born in different parts of East Africa, into different families, on different days, growing up in different households with different traditions.

But one thing all of them had in common was a dream that went far beyond their circumstances:
to tell their stories to the world.

As they grew up, all 20 of them became storytellers in one way or another. But on October 3rd 2018, they all landed a leading role in a new story. A story never before seen in their part of the world.

The story of a film training programme that would change the course of their lives in a big way: the MultiChoice Talent Factory East Africa Academy.

We tracked the journeys of these aspiring storytellers to find out how this training programme impacted the course of their own stories, as well as those of the families and communities around them.

Special thanks to:
• Cheryl Uys-Allie: MTF Director
• Njoki Muhoho: MTF East Africa Academy Director
• Reatile Tekateka: Executive Head Corporate Affairs MultiChoice Africa
• Lebogang Ramothata: MFT Comms Lead: MultiChoice Africa
• StudioZoo
• Nairobi film & recording crew

Channel Playlist: https://bit.ly/31UM2Vu
Website: www.audiodacious.com

Series commissioned by: MultiChoice

Production team
Producers: Audiodacious
Script: Nevelia Moloi
Narrator: Mzamo Moloi
Editor: Tshepo Madiba
Voice audio engineer: Andrew Sutherland

Bamba African Market by Kaleido Sea - Artlist
Desert Queen by Kadir Demir- Artlist
Dream the World by John Isaac - Artlist

Additional credits:
Kenyatta Univesity Anthem - from @KenyattaUni twitter
First TV station in Africa - youtube