Good Morning Angels: World Youth Wildlife summit aims to bring change

Breakfast with Martin Bester
Martin Bester has been driving Mzansi to work and keeping us company, or in stitches, or in tears, every Monday to Friday from 6-9 am. The Breakfast family, or rather your morning family, takes an authentic approach to storytelling. Martin’s in-depth radio knowledge ensures that Breakfast with Martin Bester remains an annually award-winning show; but more importantly, he knows what his audience wants to hear. Martin responds with beautifully crafted storytelling that genuinely builds anticipation and a community around that “What’s next?!” moment.

The team keeps his listeners grinning from ear to ear as they try to figure out what the ‘Secret Sound’ was this week, or which music powerhouse will play live during ‘Friday Live.’ Tune in on Tuesdays and find out “How Hard Can it Be” as the team giggles their way through trying their hand at something new. Imagine Martin playing the didgeridoo or tattooing someone live on air…for the first time! Too funny!

Show Features:
• Good Morning Angels (WED Only)
• Secret Sound
• Friday's My Day (FRI ONLY)
• Morning Family Quiz
• Throwback Thursday (THU ONLY)
• How Hard Can It Be (TUE ONLY)
• Friday Live (FRI ONLY)
• Confession Session
• Taste of the Continent (THU ONLY)
25 Sep 2019 2AM English South Africa News Commentary · Entertainment News

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