Top Ten Promotions from Across the Globe (Part II)

Multi-platform promotions with a strong on-air element are essential tools for radio stations to remain relevant in an entertainment economy. Back by popular demand, Niall Power (Beat 102 – 103 Presenter and Producer) shares ten well-planned and executed promotions that created energy, excitement and great on-air talkability.
3 Jul 2019 English South Africa Business

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Ten Tech Tips Today

Radio is synonymous with boxes and racks filled with equipment. The ever-changing tech space has revolutionised radio control rooms and has literally put radio in the hands of the people. Frank Schulze shares his ten tech tips for those working in the radio space.
3 Jul 2019 1 hr 38 min


Radio and audio platforms always need to inspire, train and employ the next generation of radio professionals. Join Greg Maloka (Kaya FM CEO) as he chats to two young media professionals and a media trainer about the challenges of breaking into the industry and the need for mentorship. Panellists include…
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Content Convergence – The Nigerian Perspective:

The ability to attract eyes and ears in a changing consumption landscape remains key to media brands. Jonathan Lyamgohn (Sound City TV & Radio CEO) explains how they operate a network of eleven radio stations and three TV stations across two of Nigeria’s biggest cities, and what they do to…
3 Jul 2019 38 min

Convergence 101

In a commercial environment it is essential to harness all available resources to reach audiences with great content. Nick Efstathiou (Central Media Group CEO) explains how the group went from being a regional radio station to be a fully converged media company, owning several platforms, generating content and being a…
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Innovation in Radio News – The Challenge of Young Audiences

In this fast-moving session, Akwasi Sarpong and Phillippa Guillou from the BBC Minute describe how the BBC has changed to reflect young people’s lives, interests and conversations. They will share examples from Africa and the rest of the globe looking at traditional radio and new digital platforms.
3 Jul 2019 37 min