#08 That's a Wrap

Congratulations on completing the express version of “Podcast Guest 101”

Although we’ve only just scratched the surface of how to be a great guest, you’ll find these tips useful for any broadcasting situation you find yourself in in future. We recommend that you listen to them again a few more times (especially just before an interview) as they’ll make more sense after you’ve been through a few interviews.

If you’re going to be a regular podcast guest (and the explosive growth in this arena suggests that’s highly likely), we invite you to join us for our Podcast Guest Master Class where you’ll get intensive hands-on, professional training in a studio.

In the Master Class you’ll learn

What a Podcast really is
Comparisons between podcasts, television, radio and alternative broadcast media
Knowing your market
Time constraints
The power of commercials within the podcast
Studio booking and time management
How to work with a host that you are comfortable with
Studio etiquette
RAG lights
Multiple guest interviews
Multiple host interviews
Skype interviews
Telephone interviews
Panic on air
Advanced microphone and headphone techniques

If these sound like enhanced skills that would serve you, book your space on our next Podcast Guest Master Class, by sending a mail to training@SoldGoldStudios.co.za

For now though, you’re ready to head through to the studio for your interview.


Enjoy yourself in the interview!

And focus on telling your story so that you can #BeHeard.

Bye for now.

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