#06 Deliver Your Message

In order to effectively deliver your message, start by ensuring the chair is comfortable and you can sit easily with the microphone close to your mouth. Set your headphones to the right level and keep your surroundings non -threatening.

You may see other people in the studio that you would prefer were not present, so if they annoy you, ask them to leave. However, be aware that it may be a sound controller attending to the technical side of the recording who cannot leave.

You will find pens and notepads in the studio. You should use these to make notes of discussion points that arise during your interview, or to remind yourself of key points you want to reinforce.

The best advice we can give is be yourself. Do not try and be a “wannabe” talk show host or presenter, you can focus on those skills if, or when, you decide to host your own podcast. The closer you can remain to talking in your regular voice, the better it sounds on air. Try not to force your voice, rather project at a decent level. Relax as much possible. Take your time to get the voice levels correct. Take your time and pace yourself. This is not a competition between you and the host, focus on telling your story effectively.

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