10 May Blom Blom – Election results special

Blom Blom – Election results special

The basic idea for today’s Blom Blom is to get reaction from political parties via election results. It would be great to chat with people we’ve had in studio and ask about what they said to us and the reality they are faced with now as things stand (We’ll base this on results at 07:40 AM on Friday 10 May 2019): -

- Themba Godi and how his party the APC has done
- DA’s Solly Msimanga on the chances of being Gauteng Premier
- PAC’s Narius Moloto – He spoke about 900 000 PAC members across the country – Does this reflect on the results?
- ANC – What do these results mean for the party? Make comparison with the last general elections in 2014 – The ANC received 62% of the Votes in 2014. What’s the number now? Are they concerned/happy?
- Lastly, the EFF – They were convinced the CIC will be the country’s president come May 8. What do they make of the results now?

Of course we can also touch on issues raised during the elections:- Multiple voting being one of those. Smaller parties being disgruntled by results. New Parties such as Patricia De Lille’s Good Party making their mark. The growth of VF+… The biggest winner in my opinion for these elections. The “death” of some parties – Is COPE still relevant in the greater scheme of things?

Below is numbers from the 2014 General Elections – Just in case one of the conversations we’ll be having make reference to these numbers. These were finalised on May 21 2014.
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