Book Choice - May 2019

Beverley Roos Muller gives joyful voice to Vox by Christina Dalcher which she found very readable.
Committed conservationist John Hanks wonders whether The Last Elephants by Don Pinnock and Colin Bell really are the last elephants.
From last to the next as Vanessa Levenstein so joyfully chats to Mitch Albom about his sequel to The five people you meet in heaven: The Next Person You Meet in Heaven.
And Nicky Farrelly comes up with a joyful bundle of great reads. Just right for the fireside or the electric blanket.
Melvyn Minnaar chooses two very different books for those of us who thrill to language charm.
MR: And Cindy Moritz reviews Written in History – Letters that changed the World, a book for those of us who are in for a feast of history.