“But your conscience allowed you to loot the Free State?”

The Sunday Times Politics Weekly team discusses allegations of "cash for votes" or voter buying laid against the ANC recently.
ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule’s cash handout to a woman with an empty fridge could land him in hot water with the electoral court. Magashule was filmed giving R400 to a woman in Philippi, Cape Town, while visiting her home during door-to-door campaigning.
The DA has since laid a complaint with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), calling it a case of "cash for votes", which would contravene the Electoral Act. Mosotho Moepya, a commissioner at the IEC, said that for a politician to offer a voter cash could violate the law.
The team further discusses the cost of state infrastructure upgrades, voter apathy, the controversial state of Alexandra township, and alternative options for voters.