8 Apr The noisemaker is back!

This week on NOOG the gang is made up of Skittles, Archie, Mark (the stray who isn’t a stray anymore) and Marigold. PS: She is Archie’s intern. Believe me, we all shocked that Archie even has an intern. They discuss the $600 minimum wage for civil servants, how possible it is to get away with any act of domestic violence if you are in a position of power and the police mishap of throwing teargas in an office. The boys also got super excited about the “consent” condom. Hashtags and Dotcoms looks at how the Peterhouse Extreme Reading picture sparked a social media outrage plus how Advocate Mahere was caught in the crossfire. Bae allowance for guys is talked about in the Feeling Station and the conversation takes a rather weird turn.
Alternative episode titles:
Everyone deserves bae allowance! Or not?
Skittles in a uniform is a good idea.
Is it just Extreme Reading or there is more?
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