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"How to be a Grown-Up in 30 or so Minutes" This is a funny, witty, noisey and absolutely great company type of show hosted by Onai and three of "Other Guys". This diverse group of friends, have conversations about topical issues, opinions and they hopefully, unfigure out Adulthood, one pun at a time. With cool segments like, "Guys/Girls Dont Get It and interviews with total Cool Kids, they are sure to be your select squad. Join them each episode as they go through the week, the internet love dilemas! #MakingMondaysGreatAgain

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Would you tell on your physically abusive best friend?

Archie, Skittles and Jerry the Bartender (don’t tell him we called him that), join Onai for this weeks episode. They hit it off by ridiculing one of the the “other guys” for not coming to the show because they were apparently invited to come to the royal wedding. The show gets intense when they ask the question, “what do you do when you find out that your best friend is physically abusive to his wife/ girlfriend? Onai is put in a corner on this one, does he survive the confessions made? download to find out. They also talk about a very sad tweet that DJ Stavo put out, and discuss the dilema around the difficulty in chasing dreams in Zimbabwe. At the tail end of the show, the guys in the show prescribe a solution that is an alternative to playing hard to get, that works al across the dating world!

Hustle & Grow Diaries : More Than A Photo with Ernest Mackina

This episode is a mixture of The Other Guys hanging out at Le Spot and Onai with Ernest Mackina recording an interview in a car! Ernest Mackina is a young but already celebrated Zimbabwean Photographer who sits down with Onai to talk about his "Hustle & Grow" story. How does a person who had no formal training in photography get to become that good? From being a lecturer at NUST to chasing a dream and dealing with the realities that come with the in-authenticity social media creates using pictures, they go deep into an introspective conversation about life. Join the fun in this episode and get to find out about the guy behind the camera. Follow @noognation on Twitter Join The NOOGNATION on Facebook

Call Him by His Totem! ft A Voice of Reason

Skittles, Mark and a voice of reason called Provy join Onai on a come back episode for Nhai Onai & The Other Guys. They go straight into Spencer Banda about how he allegedly went into other peoples bedrooms with the question being, "can men forgive a cheating wife?" They also break down the opinion on KVG and Phatisani and how Phattisanis babes feel threatened by the work chemistry between the duo. Should a person be expected to quit their job for the sake of killing insecurities of his/her significant other? Somewhere in the episode the guys urge girls to call their boo's by their pet names...find out why! The team share their opinion on Kanye West and then in the feeling station they ask, "how might you be making your relationship a toxic one" @noognation - twitter The NOOGNATION -Facebook

Four ways to get famous as a Zim College Student ft Mark Mukunga & The Impro Show

The past week in Zim has been crazy, from, nurses striking to four girl striking a cheating dude, Miriam brings a stray, Mark over, who joins Onai as they break down the crazy week in Zimbabwe. They talk about how presidents and kings are changing names of countries, queens committing suicide and 24 year old wives to much older than them former head of states. They also speak on the backlash that Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa gets, is it justified or maybe its time people realised that her dad is not her. Right in the middle, Onai speaks to the imps from the Impro show, Musa, Chido and Kevin during a rehearsal about the new live comedy show, "Dinner Only" which premieres on the 25th of April and is going to be on until the 28th at Reps theatre. The feelings station gets real when the three talk about the real serious issues that are reflective of college students and their approach to sex, sextapes, suicide and cheating.

How to name a child.. We can use my Ex's name honey!

Miri, Nyasha and Skittles join Onai for this weeks episode where they go over Pastor Makandiwas bold claims, they talk about the church that probably would love Dr Nkosana Moyo and also go all business like talking about Zim Air ways... and the many State entities that the state wants to do stately different things to. In Hashtags and dotcoms, its Tehn Diamond for president or nah? They share their opinions on the rappers announcement for 2042. If you were his campaign manager, what would you do? In the feeling station, Onai gets emotional about people who name their kids by their ex's names whilst Nyasha and Miriam defend the idea and Skittles picks a side. A special birthday song is sung for a listener together with all the regular tomfoolery! @noognation

Money, Sex, Cousins..Whats New? ft Tinotenda Maveneka :New Zim Forum

Musa, Nyasha, Skittles, Miss Mona and John the Stray join Onai in this episode where they argue, yes literally argue about the fashion blogger from the UK who started a Gofundme to raise Visa money, wept online to NOT HAVE TO COME TO ZIMBABWE!!! .. (okay relax). They obviously talk about last weeks online argument about the ghetto ruining the UnPlugged, if people on twitter are really as "VekuJecha" as they claim to be and why people were mad at the boyfriend of the year. In a twist of "episode fate", Onai, sits down with Tino Maveneka, a student from Monash South Africa who is part of the team running the New Zimbabwe Forum. They talk about what the forum is about and why young people should involved in it. In the feeling station, things go left when the crew discuss the hashtag, #ThingsMyParentsDontKnowAboutMe with the exploration of the phenomenon where people seem to be sleeping with their cousins. YIKES! twitter: @noognation facebook: The NOOGNATION Dont forget to share, comment and leave a review on itunes.. oro anywhere

Would you date him if he earned less than $300?

Listen, we didnt choose the figure, its just is... Archie, Skittles and Jerry join Onai over the Easter holiday to provide commentary on topics affecting adulting in Zim. They kick off with the launch of POVO and try to decode why people have so much beef with the new "coalition of independents". They also go over the unfigure out the wrongness or rightness of a girl paying part of a guys lobola after looking at conversations on Tytans marriage to Olinda. The new birth control pill for men has the guys divided over how they would use it. Would you look at your significant others phone? Who would you trust, your significant other or your best friend if one accuses the next that they tried to make on them. As the conversation goes, they talk about how much money is important in a relationship and Skittles is asked the question, "Would she date anyone who earned less than $300?"

Hustle & Grow Diaries : The Queen of Skies Thandi Muringa

Thandi Muringa is a lot of things, an entrepreneur, radio presenter, super model, tree hugger, aunt and Queen of Skies. In this Hustle and Grow episode, Onai's has a chit chat with Thandi about building influence, her twitter timeline, going up nine floors to get to her day job and she breaks down why (possibly) why Zim men are stingy. Find out what she thinks about gender roles, travelling all over Africa and what Zimbabwean youth could do better. In between the convo, Onai and Nyasha talk about having a "side church" and the rules to having a Side church... this and so much more.. @noognation @onaionline @nyasha_tembedza @thandimuringa @capital26free facebook.com/thenoognation

Mhamha Mhamha Save Us!

Miri, Nigel and a stray, the Geotechnocrat, Takudzwa Chibuda join Onai for Adulting 101. They go over the former president of Zimbabwe's sentiments on the new dispensation and answer the question on who needs more healing, the country or him?. They go over the different arguments sorrounding the Doctors strike, why its important that they are taking action and who else possibly should, a throwback about Fadzayi Mahere and how she wants to be called as well as a bar fight. They do an interesting exercise where Onai goes through the timelines of the people inside the NOOGNATION, tweet by tweet. In the feeling station, they answer a listeners dilema on how to approach super hot babes in college... that trickles into an endorsement of a particular pen!

Hustle & Grow Diaries : Acting it out with Gideon Wabvuta

From Mbare to California In this episode of Archie and Onai have a sit down with actor and writer Gideon Wabvuta who had visited Zimbabwe at the beginning of the year for the playwrights festival. They talk about how went against the grain and did what wasn’t expected of a Zimbabwean child in his circumstance. He also speaks on his evolution as an actor, the opportunities he got, the ones he lost and who he is in Group Chats with. Find out his "hustle & grow" story that has taken him across seas and won him awards! Also, get snippets of the life of NOOGies on a Sunday and Miriam gets to celebrate something special!

When Things go REALLY LEFT & Word of the day: INTEROPERABILITY

Making Mondays Great again, Onai, Archie, Miri and Skittles discuss implications of newspapers attempting to push hard copies of their publications in the street. They also look into the fairness of interoperability of mobile money platforms after some, “encouragement” from the government. To sympathise or not to sympathise with the NUST students, that is the question. Things go left as Onai gets a less than expected reaction from the girls on the Safaree challenge and should one lose their single friends once they get married? A special voice note from Carol for this one…

GUYS DONT GET IT : No Seriously They Dont Get Anything!

Miss Mona, Nyasha and The Flamming Arrow Nomaliso team up to answer all the voice notes men from far and wide sent into the show. They decide to divide the questions into, Silly Bae Behaviour, Before relationship questions and Relationship Drama Questions. From why girls cant pick their own food, why they dont show up to a guys crib when they would have promised to do so, to why girls dont want to let go of ex-boyfriends and so much more! Join the ladies! Join the team on Facebook facebook.com/thenoognation or twitter @noognation

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