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"How to be a Grown-Up in 30 or so Minutes" This is a funny, witty, noisey and absolutely great company type of show hosted by Onai and three of "Other Guys". This diverse group of friends, have conversations about topical issues, opinions and they hopefully, unfigure out Adulthood, one pun at a time. With cool segments like, "Guys/Girls Dont Get It and interviews with total Cool Kids, they are sure to be your select squad. Join them each episode as they go through the week, the internet love dilemas! #MakingMondaysGreatAgain

Siyanaineni, Ndiyekeni, My Weave IS African Too!

The NOOG team meet up this week to talk about reactions from listeners from the show they did last week.They get really book smart about The Katswe sisterhood being arrested and why they think it was unfair that it was. They spend a good time on the show trying to answer the question, Does wearing a weave or straight hair make you not proud to be African, this came after a Curate Africa Tweet on line. They also try and understand how to toe the best friend of the opposite sex line and how lanes must be stayed in by answering the question..."Is the female/male friend of your spouse, that much of a threat?" From #FixTheFixx to the type of sounds agreeable when people do the mom and dad thing... here is your episode
Curate Africa's Tweet on Africaness Katswe Sister hood arrest

Carnivals, Gays, Gospel Artistes, Staying a Virgin & New Music ft Zie Khoza

A mixed bag is the best definition of this episode, the Team from Nhai Onai & The other guys squad up with Gospel Artiste, Zie Khoza and three strays in the form of Nyasha's younger brother, Kudzi and his friends, Ryan and Rumbi. they discuss the happenings of the past week. With the new show producer being as woke as ever, they talk about the Biometric Voter Registration days announcement, why Zimbabwe seems Homophobic as well as a couple of rap bars from a young political scene player. They touch on amongst many, issues to do with Zie Khoza's new EP, "Sizojaiva Angathi" his inspiration and how in the world he was able to stay a virgin throughout college! This and so much more

The Word of the Day is ALLEGEDLY ft Anne Nhira

The friends from the NOOGNATION are back.. and they sort of explain why they were away. Politics makes a major mark in this episode, from the thing about IDs being allowed or not to Kenyan elections to of course Zodwa wabantu coming to Zim. They call Anne Nhira and get to ask her about her petition and if she has ever walked around without wearing any underwear..in her lifetime. In the feeling station, its all about good friends versus bad friends. Are you a good friend if you allow your friend to cheat on his/her significant other or are you a better friend if yall "furira" each other to cheat anyway..

Goodmorning Zimbabwe... Lets say grace

Its been a weird time in the country with all the icecream being eaten and models allegedly beaten but the NOOGNATION is here to unfigure it out! They talk about how the first lady got diplomatic immunity and if really any mother would have done the same if she has caught her son with a girl in closed quarters. Who needs underwear? Zodwa is coming to town and panties are going out of fashion. How does the team take the invitation of Zodwa waBantu to Harare for the carnival? Is if good for the father and daughter or just the father (eh erhm) They to foreing on the hashtags and talk about White Supremacy and if symbols of oppression need to get removed or people should just remember that the past is the past and more woke like stuff! They close the show by trying to figure out why people love to lead on other people about their relationship status and what people could try do to avert the heartbreak

Why These Girls Ain't Ready for a Good Guy ft Kirk Patrick & Keith Ephraim

They want them good but with a dash of f-boyrisms, but when their hearts are broken, its all tears! Onai is joined by Enthuse Mag Writer Kirk Patrick and an out of town listener to the show, citizen of the NOOGNATION and friend to the room, Keith Ephraim as they go all out on the past weeks events, they talk about the weeks crazy happenings from Zuma winning again, Bullying that ended in suicide where they debate single sex school culture vs abuse of power, they also talk about the Donkey Powered Car Heists going on the shores of the Limpopo and KFCs mistaken case of Tribalism. They are joined by Dion and Gary from Technowledge (a Tech Podcast on Capital26free) for Cyber Sexurity and prostitution online and ultimately... why girls aren't ready for good guys... Have fun!!

Life, Laughter, Deep Voices and Moxination ft Shingai Mokina

The Other guys feature Star FM DJ and the one guy who shouldn't send your girl voice notes, Shingai Mokina. They go through the news of the week where they try and figure out who it would be better to get caught cheating by, a soldier or a cop? They also try to figure out if its fat shaming that a comedian threw a skit that dissed Olinda. They then talk to the Guest, Shingai Mokina and touch on how he got into the business of talking, his history with Fadzayi Mahere (relax people) and some of the crazy situations that he has been in as a radio personality. He opens up about the passing of his son as well as drops a couple of bars at the end of the show! Join the craziness!

Why the PERFECT GUY doesn't exist

Why are most single people single and some times miserable? Everyone seems to be angry at Onai on this episode, so much so that hr thought he was going to record it alone, until Archie and Skittles saved the day. The crew talked about how ZBC News needs to talk more about other life cycles besides the Chickens one. They go on to talk about bedroom issues where they try to answer the question, "Things you need to tell someone before they have sex for the first time." They deal with the idea of the first time people should have sex and if they need think sex is as emotional as people would like. They then go on to talk about the title, are single people to blame for their own singleness, are the expectations too high? too fat, too skinny, too light, too dark..find out

The Questions They Dont Ask Fadzayi Mahere feat The Advocate Herself

In this new episode of Nhai Onai & The Other Guys, the team is joined by Advocate Fadzayi Mahere. They try explore the softer side, (well, if we are gonna put it that way) of the aspiring MP from Mount Pleasant who they have affectionately called uBabez We Yellow Manifesto! From, "Has she ever been approached by a blesser?" Are they any nudes of her flying around somewhere? What was the night in prison like for her? to Who is Bill, is it the Bae or Nah? The team digs through the news from the past week, from Hon. Psychology Maziwisa's statements on the 2 million jobs that made her a classic meme, Sir Wicknells 50K lobola and what Fadzayi Mahere thinks of all of that! They explore serious questions such as what she is really going to do for Mount Pleasant, if she her bank account is good enough for her not to be corrupt if she got into power as well as what the actual plan is. She shares her thoughts on the diaspora vote and takes no prisoners when Jerry asks her about being elitist. This is the longest episode done by the team as they get to ask the questions some people never ask, we know its worth it! #NOOGNATION

Girls Dont Get It : Guys and Stupid Lies & How To be his wife in 72 Hours

“Would you ever tell your lady that you once hired a prostitute?” In the first ever version of Girls Dont Get It, The guys, Nigel, Onai, Archie, Jerry and Panashe break down a commonly asked question, which is, WHY DO MEN LIE…rather stupidly? They talk about lies that men tell to get away with stuff, lies that men tell to avoid hurt and lies that they tell because girls won’t get it. They break down the week in laughs as they talk about, Tytan & Olinda, Kay-lite Bans, Marijuana legalisations, Pastors that have arrested the Devil and $300 tickets to Miss Zimbabwe and later on, they discuss the absurdity of the idea that if a girl stays over for 72 hours she is your wife.. which trickles down to, is it right for a girl to do her boyfriends laundry? Join this week of hilarity and masculine wisdom in "Girls Dont Get It"

Why it aint safe to be a Momma' s Boy ft QueenBezically

We all love our mothers but some guys seem to add a little sauce to their maternal attachments, sauce that some girls just cant take. The NOOG squad were joined by, Patricia, #QueenBezically, and they talked about how bad it is to date a momma’s boy. This obviously didn’t go down too well with Onai who introduced the team to the MBAZ, (Mommas Boy Association of Zimbabwe). Find out how that went down. Before this however, the team talked about Fadzayi Mahere running for MP and how MDC is acting like a bitter dude who only likes a girl once she has been taken.. Dont miss out the feeling station where the team weighs in on "Are you better than Beyonce?" and the quarter to five album by Jay Z #NOOGNATION

The Karen Paida Unreleased Episode

You know how there is always that episode that was never put out for some reason or the other, well, This is one of them. Some time ago, The Nhai Onai & The Other Guys squad, hung out with Karen Paida Mwekedeya who was then one of the finalist for the DSTV TLC Presenter Search. They talked about how she got a "kasalad" accent given the schools she went to, what typa guys she is into, why Onai seemed to be obsessed with her knees. There was a bet set, find out if Skittles was able to win or lose. This episode was narrated by Onai and Lizwe from Mic Set Match a podcast from Capital26free.

Bring back my Pubic Hair The Case of a Hygienic One Night Stand

The Nhai Onai & The Other Guys squad, talk about body hair and how you can easily lose it to very clever gents. The conversation turns into an issue about how much is too much body hair? On girls and guys, Before however, its politics, from Soul-Jah Love’s reply to ZANU PF, to how Nigel breaks it down when it comes to how the Politburo decides who can be buried in the heroes acre and who cant. In the feeling station, should the way you take pictures with other people of the opposite sex on social media change when you get baed up? #ImJustSayin #Siphongutinje #Kungotaurawo #NOOGNATION

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