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"How to be a Grown-Up in 30 or so Minutes" This is a funny, witty, noisey and absolutely great company type of show hosted by Onai and three of "Other Guys". This diverse group of friends, have conversations about topical issues, opinions and they hopefully, unfigure out Adulthood, one pun at a time. With cool segments like, "Guys/Girls Dont Get It and interviews with total Cool Kids, they are sure to be your select squad. Join them each episode as they go through the week, the internet love dilemas! #MakingMondaysGreatAgain

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The day after the Solidarity March, fears and hopes ft Chef Kuchie

Miri and Onai are joined by Chef Kuchi for an episode which mostly talked about the march that the whole nation seemed to have joined. The team shared the reasons they marched, their different experiences and some of the things they are afraid of, some of the things they hope for the future of Zimbabwe. On a totally different note, Miri asks the question, "how long is too long within the 'engagement' phase of a relationship?" Join the Facebook group, THE NOOGNATION & follow the team on twitter on @noognation

Hazvizi Zvemafeelings, How to fight fair in a lovers tiff

Archie, Nomaliso, Rumbie and Onai meet up this week to hang out in the studio and try out a brand new segment on the show called "Hot Takes". They talk about the possibility of the presidents son being a new rapper, the new name for what used to be Harare International airport and the sacking of the vp. In about a week ago, its all about making people pay for your wedding and only circumstance that leaves lobola lowered. They joke about how facebook wants to protect peoples nudes, twitter changes and #boyfriendallowance. To close the show, they ask the question, "what words are you NOT supposed to say in a fight with bae?"

Nhai Where Are The Other Guys? : Ramblings of Miss Mona

Where is the teeaaam? Who cares, Miss Mona, does an amazing thing, she kills the show all alone! On the show, she talks about cyber crime and the girl who is trying to foil her plan to get married... She also pretty much gets in the feels abour everything, but we still lover her, enjoy

The best gift for an African lady... A Zimbabwean Man

Would you want your current bae to see the love letters you sent to your ex? In this episode where there was a lot of interjection , Jerry, Miri, Nomaliso, Nyasha and Onai meet up on a Sunday to talk about the hecticness of the week before. They talk about just how bad universities in Zim have got and if there is any hope for the one thats going to be built *cough cough. Find out what "ndondo" means as they crew talk about Oscar Pambuka's interview with Katswe sister hood about Vagina diaries, some words you just cant say in Shona. How bad are Zim men, the squad talk about a tweet that set the timeline on fire #noognaton

We more than kinda need each other ft Chenge & Panashe

Skittles and Onai bring strays on the show in the form of Panashe Madziva, spoken word artist and rapper and Chenge a fellow NOOGie stray. They discuss whether they have any pity for Striking MPs and if Jah Prayzah trully is the next Tuku. They talk about the attack on Mogadishu and why social media doesn't seem to have reacted the same way it usually does. This episode takes an introspective look at #metoo and the guys talk about how to make the world as safer place for women by trying to answer the question , "how safe is a girl around me". They close up the show by talking about the Wits suicide case and how as young people, friends, colleagues can avoid having the sad situations take over us to a point where taking ones life becomes an option. Please share with a friend and dont forget to follow @noognation on twitter and join The Noognation on Facebook

Reshuffling Ex's from my Social Media Cabinet feat Kiki (Kenya) and Hastings Rwizi

After a week of not being there, the team is back, with two special guests, Kiki all the way from Kenya and Hastings Rwizi, graphic designer and the most friendliest sorta viral sensation Harare has. They talk about the reshuffling of Zimbabwean Ministers, the new Cyber Security ministry the stress that has become Banking in Zimbabwe and hope for the future. In Hashtags & Dotcoms, they try and answer the questions to do with deleting ones ex's shared pictures on social media and whether its a big deal to if your boyfriend always "likes" pictures of wild thots on instagram. Kiki explains what a "HOE PASS" is and Miri is in the feels about people who are constantly asking for retweets, find out why in this episode

Cheating Is never justified but here is why it was YOUR fault it happened

The team meet up at Shoko festival to record the current episode. In the heat of the noise, they talk about violent parliaments and whether you would prefer that your MP have boxing skills as part of his /her political reseume. They share how they feel about Hugh Hefner's death and whether he really liberated women or he just took the for a ride.. They also share their crazy stories of the things they have done to get that good good inspired by the "for the d***/p*** challenge. In the feelings station, they talk about the importance of communicating and just how it may your fault that the significant other cheats.

How to get over a Zim Celeb without pulling a Trigger

The team from Nhai Onai & The Other Guys group up with friend to the squad Kirk Patrick from Enthuse. Onai is super late and Nyasha does hostile take over! They talk about how they feel about the renaming of the Harare International Airport. Kirk dishes out certain facts about the biggest weight shaming clap back of the century lots more about size mattering or not mattering when it comes to employment is argued about.The NOOGNATION team discuss the leaked Olinda and Trigger phone and Mona asks a pertinent question, "Dont we all do it?" and in the feeling station, are you an ungrateful girl friend or his gifts suck! #NOOGNATION

Siyanaineni, Ndiyekeni, My Weave IS African Too!

The NOOG team meet up this week to talk about reactions from listeners from the show they did last week.They get really book smart about The Katswe sisterhood being arrested and why they think it was unfair that it was. They spend a good time on the show trying to answer the question, Does wearing a weave or straight hair make you not proud to be African, this came after a Curate Africa Tweet on line. They also try and understand how to toe the best friend of the opposite sex line and how lanes must be stayed in by answering the question..."Is the female/male friend of your spouse, that much of a threat?" From #FixTheFixx to the type of sounds agreeable when people do the mom and dad thing... here is your episode
Curate Africa's Tweet on Africaness Katswe Sister hood arrest

Carnivals, Gays, Gospel Artistes, Staying a Virgin & New Music ft Zie Khoza

A mixed bag is the best definition of this episode, the Team from Nhai Onai & The other guys squad up with Gospel Artiste, Zie Khoza and three strays in the form of Nyasha's younger brother, Kudzi and his friends, Ryan and Rumbi. they discuss the happenings of the past week. With the new show producer being as woke as ever, they talk about the Biometric Voter Registration days announcement, why Zimbabwe seems Homophobic as well as a couple of rap bars from a young political scene player. They touch on amongst many, issues to do with Zie Khoza's new EP, "Sizojaiva Angathi" his inspiration and how in the world he was able to stay a virgin throughout college! This and so much more

The Word of the Day is ALLEGEDLY ft Anne Nhira

The friends from the NOOGNATION are back.. and they sort of explain why they were away. Politics makes a major mark in this episode, from the thing about IDs being allowed or not to Kenyan elections to of course Zodwa wabantu coming to Zim. They call Anne Nhira and get to ask her about her petition and if she has ever walked around without wearing any underwear..in her lifetime. In the feeling station, its all about good friends versus bad friends. Are you a good friend if you allow your friend to cheat on his/her significant other or are you a better friend if yall "furira" each other to cheat anyway..

Goodmorning Zimbabwe... Lets say grace

Its been a weird time in the country with all the icecream being eaten and models allegedly beaten but the NOOGNATION is here to unfigure it out! They talk about how the first lady got diplomatic immunity and if really any mother would have done the same if she has caught her son with a girl in closed quarters. Who needs underwear? Zodwa is coming to town and panties are going out of fashion. How does the team take the invitation of Zodwa waBantu to Harare for the carnival? Is if good for the father and daughter or just the father (eh erhm) They to foreing on the hashtags and talk about White Supremacy and if symbols of oppression need to get removed or people should just remember that the past is the past and more woke like stuff! They close the show by trying to figure out why people love to lead on other people about their relationship status and what people could try do to avert the heartbreak

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