20 Mar Taking Care of Business - The Steinhoff whistleblowers

When is an "accounting irregularity" actually fraud, and how do you spot the makings of a corporate scam?
In this week's episode of Taking Care of Business, on the release of the long-awaited PwC report into Steinhoff's shenanigans, FM editor Rob Rose and BDTV anchor Giulietta Talevi speak to the two analysts who saw Steinhoff for what it was, more than a decade back.

Andrew Cuffe was the head of research at JP Morgan which compiled a damming report on Steinhoff as far back as 2007, while Prudential's Craig Butters recounts his sit-down with Christo Wiese in 2009, as he tried to warn the billionaire against taking up with Markus Jooste's shady empire.
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