How this author proves that the pen is mightier than the sword

Get to know author and blogger, Siya Khumalo, who shares his experiences with his 2018 biography, You Have to be Gay to Know God. Khumalo details how his book was inspired by the social media delegitimisation of a corrective rape which urged him to pen a clap back that has become become his first best seller.

While he is working as a freelance content editor, Khumalo is also working on an organisation called the Phoenix Foundation which is his proactive approach at bringing about change in different communities. The Phoenix Foundation will be a direct approach that aims to fill a gap he recognised in the service delivery sector.

Kwazulu-Natal born Khumalo was crowned Mr Gay South Africa and Mr Gay Zambia in 2015 which became pivotal platforms for him to learn and contribute to the LGBTQI+ community. Khumalo also shares his commentary on social issues on Daily Maverick and
5 Mar 2019 Other South Africa Careers · Health & Fitness

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