29 Oct Does sex on the first date kill the chances of a relationship?

Skittle's Synopsis
The squad is back and this week Skittles, Archie & Onai (yes, him and it's not a drill) chat about the hiring and firing of Acie Lumumba as the Chairman of the Finance Minister's communication taskforce, whether the task force was needed in the first place and how the partial lifting of the importation ban is good or bad for the country. On Hashtags and Dotcoms, they discuss why people should or mainly shouldn't get angry about Haru Mutasa's tweets. The Feeling Station looks at the issue of having sex on the first date.

Onai's Synopsis
Does a one night stand potentially ruin the chances of a relationship...??
Hold up... That's the feeling station.. Skittles hair rears its beautiful follicles once again! Archie and Skittles are joined by Onai all the way from the comfort of student res in much Colder places! Has Onai changed yet? Does he have an accent? In this episode, they go deeper (pun intended) about Acie Lumumba's firing, whether it was justified and how in the world he got the job in the first place. Was Haru Mutasa too “Salala” for everyone when she gave her advice on Twitter or Zimbabweans need to grow up and stop being so sensitive? In the station... go to the first sentence..

Alternative Topic Names

1. The return of Onai?
2. Get Skittles a man for Christmass
3. When Archie was a Slay King
4. Who brought Onai back???
5. the Synopsis Wars
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