Old vs New Testament: Tithes and First Fruits part 2

We continue the discussion with Pastor Craig Ndoro and Pastor Sean Mullens from part 1. Does the New testament nullify or bring to an end some of the old Testament practices such as giving of the tithes and first fruits? Has God’s expectation with regards to giving changed? Malachi presents some very serious consequences for not giving and very attractive blessings for those who give their tithes and offerings, does this still apply?
Also what is the difference between giving and sowing? Are they the same? Giving implies generosity whereas sowing implies an investment, yet we receive something out of both i.e. Give and it shall be given back to you (Luke 6:38) and you reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7, 1 Corinth 9:11)? Have a listen and join the conversation