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Every week Radiant Culture seeks to be a voice that speaks into, confronts and influences modern day culture. We ask questions, provide insight and challenge the status quo from a christian perspective. We are young, fresh and exciting, and we will get you thinking about the choices you make in life

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Faith in a Crisis

In this episode we host Pastor Evan Mawarire as we discuss having faith during a crisis. How do we hold on to our faith when things are tough, trials at every corner, deep economic crisis and the circumstances seem beyond our control. How should we respond to the crisis? Is hoarding in times of shortages a lack of faith, selfishness or is it shrewdness? We are meant to be the salt of the earth and light of the world, how do we stand out and influence during this time? Have a listen and join the conversation

The St Johns College Saga: how should Christians respond

In this episode we discuss the St Johns College Saga. Recently the St Johns 6th form deputy head revealed his sexual orientation at a school assembly. This was followed by a statement by the school board supporting him and encouraging an environment of tolerance to diversity interms of race, religion and sexual orientation. Was this the right stance taken by the school board? What is the correct Christian and biblical stance on issues such as freedom of sexual orientation? How must the Church respond to or deal with such issues. Have a listen and join the conversation

Why most Christians dont observe the Sabbath day and the law of Moses

In this episode we continue the discussion from the previous episode as we focus on The Law given by Moses. Does it still apply and is it relevant to Chrsitians since we now live under Grace. Are Christians still required to uphold any part of the law? Jesus says, according to the bible, I have not come to abolish the law but to uphold it. What does this mean for the Christian? Why does a section of Christians still observe the Sabbath day and another does not and meets on Sunday instead? Have listen and join the discussion

Old vs New Testament: Tithes and First Fruits part 2

We continue the discussion with Pastor Craig Ndoro and Pastor Sean Mullens from part 1. Does the New testament nullify or bring to an end some of the old Testament practices such as giving of the tithes and first fruits? Has God’s expectation with regards to giving changed? Malachi presents some very serious consequences for not giving and very attractive blessings for those who give their tithes and offerings, does this still apply?
Also what is the difference between giving and sowing? Are they the same? Giving implies generosity whereas sowing implies an investment, yet we receive something out of both i.e. Give and it shall be given back to you (Luke 6:38) and you reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7, 1 Corinth 9:11)? Have a listen and join the conversation

Old vs New Testament: Does the law of Tithes and First Fruits still apply today?

In this episode we discuss giving Tithes and First Fruits with Pastor Craig Ndoro and Pastor Sean Mullens as we begin a series of episodes on Old vs New Testament. Are there practices in the Old Testament that do not apply in the New Testament? In this episode we focus on Giving Tithes and offerings. Giving is highly encouraged in the NT and the OT however with a different emphasis. The OT seems to imply that giving generously to the poor was over and above the required giving of the tithes and first fruits etc. whereas in the NT, giving to the poor seems to be the core focus. Does the NT nullify or bring an end to the way of giving taught in the OT, i.e is the systematic giving of tithes and offerings still required?
We know that the sin and guilt offerings were abolished by the work of the cross, what about tithes, free will offerings, first fruits, are these still required? There is hardly any instruction on tithes and first fruits in the NT, does this mean these are no longer required and replaced with giving towards the work of the Gospel and giving to the poor? Have a listen and enjoy the conversation

Analysing prophecies on the nation of Zimbabwe

In this episode we will be looking at some of the prophetic words that have been spoken on Zimbabwe e.g. The Cindy Jacobs Guatemala prophecy on Zimbabwe 1998, which Steve Blomefield countered, arguing that it was not an accurate prophecy as it contradicted the Prophecy he gave in 1997 (a year prior). We discuss how we can evaluate whether a prophetic word is True or Not. Steve Blomefield's 1997 prophecy on Zimbabwe seems to have been fulfilled, does this then necessarily make Cindy Jacobs one innacurate? What value do these prophecies bring to the believer’s own life and the church as a whole? Should the ordinary believer even pay attention to these prophetic words? We also discuss how we should react to these and other prophetic words, esp. the ones that are prophesying doom and destruction. Have a listen and join the conversation.

Prophetic or Pathetic Revised Edit

On this Episode we discuss the prophetic with Shingai Kuwaza, a guy who is very passionate about theology and the prophetic. We discuss prophets in the modern day era. how do we distinguish real and fake prophets? Are prophets still relevant today, since we have the Holy Spirit, do we need prophets? What happens when a prophet delivers a prophetic word and it doesn’t happen? Does that make him Fake? Its informative, its uncut and its #realtalk

Im slipping, Im falling, I can't get up

In this episode we discuss backsliding and what leads some of us to fall away into sin. There are moments where we are trapped by our desires and in sin and we can see that we are backsliding but struggling to catch a grip, . How do you prevent from yourself slipping further and how do you rise back up. The Bible tells us in James 1 that God does not tempt us, but each of us is tempted when we our lured away by our own desires. How do we guard ourselves from our own desires? Have a listen and join the conversation

Do we need faith only or works matter as well?

In this episode we sit down with pastor Craig Ndoro as we discuss "Faith and Works". The bible says faith without works is dead. But there's also the guy who hung on the cross next to Jesus who entered paradise, but he didn't necessarily have a lifetime of works. He just had one moment with the Savior and that was enough. We learn from the bible that it is by grace we are saved and not works so no one can boast. However, the same bible tells us that each one will be rewarded according to his/her works (Revelation 2:23). How important are these works to God and what are works anyway? What can be considered works? Just being a goodie, being kind and generous? Or its more feeding orphans and widows; evangelising and serving in church. Have a listen and join the conversation

How I overcame depression

In this episode we discuss depression and its potentially devastating effects. Sharon (Dazzle) shares her inspiring story as she opens up on how she battled with depression form childhood and how God helped her deal with it and eventually overcome it.

Where's God when it hurts?

In this episode we sit down with Sean Mullens, Pastor at One Church in harare, to discuss why God allows certain things to happen e.g. an innocent girl being attacked and raped, people suffering with cancer and other chronic diseases etc. We set out to understand it from God's perspective based on what we know from scripture. Is it some form of judgement of past sins? Is everything God's will? Sean also gives his testimony at the end on how God has strengthened him through suffering. He alos gives a powerful word of encouragement and prayer for you if you are hurting or going through suffering and feel like God has abandoned you. Have a listen

PODCAST E76: The Bible-fact or fiction?

How do we know that the events recorded in the bible are true? Are the stories in the Bible true or are they just Jewish mythology just like we have Greek mythology with books such as the Iliad by Homer? Is the bible really the word of God? Many Christians find it difficult to defend their faith and the authenticity of the bible when challenged. How can we prove that the bible is authentic and the events recorded in it accurate? We have discuss with our resident theologian Shingai Kuwaza as he outlines how we can prove the credibility of the Bible as The Infallible Word of God. Have listen and join the conversation

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