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Every week Radiant Culture seeks to be a voice that speaks into, confronts and influences modern day culture. We ask questions, provide insight and challenge the status quo from a christian perspective. We are young, fresh and exciting, and we will get you thinking about the choices you make in life

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How God helped me overcome my addiction

In this episode we have a chat with Robin, a guy passionate about youth ministry, a strong love for God, who overcame an addiction to substance abuse and alcohol. Robin shares his inspiring story, how he became an addict, the struggle and how he conqured his addiction through Jesus Christ who strengthened him through His love. Addictions are very difficult to overcome, and many people often struggle in silence because they do not want to be judged if people know they have an addiction. Some do not even want to admit that they are addicted, even to themselves. Have a listen to this episode and be inspired. You may know someone who is addicted to porn, alcohol or drugs, Robin's story will enlighten on how you can help such a person. if you are an addict, let Robin's story encourage you. There is hope.

Bending the rules or being shrewd?

In this episode we discuss if it is ever okay to bend the rules as Christians, even when the reasons for it are justified? For example is it okay for Christians to buy cash on the parrallel market when they cannot get it from the bank? Bringing in goods without declaring and paying duties for the goods at the border or at the airport? Can this be justified? Is it bending the rules or being shrewd as jesus encouraged us? What would Jesus do in the times we live in? Have a listen to this intriguing discussion and join the conversation.

Modern day idols: The things we love that can easily become idols in our lives

In this episode we discuss some of the things that we love, that God has given us to enjoy and how they can easily become idols in our lives. God is very clear in the bible, he is a very jealous God and commands us to not have any idols. But sometimes we restrict this to mean physical idols like those mentioned in the bible. However an idol is anything that we prioritise before God. So we often find ourselves making more time for things like soccer, watching series, music, our phones, social media etc than we've ever made for prayer and God. Have thes things become idols in our lives? How do we practically reprioritise the things in our lives such that we give more priority to what's really more important? Have a listen and join the coversation...

Is The Church Preparing Christian Couples Well For Sex In Marriage?

In this episode we are joined by guests Pastor Evan Mawarire and Anna as we discuss the hot topic of sex and the church's role in sex education. We have bachelor's/ bachelorette parties, premarital and marriage courses in church but do they add any value in terms of preparing couples for the sex aspect of marriage? Is the church doing enough in terms of sex education? What needs to change? Where does the Christian learn about having sex, the right way? How best can they be prepared? What goes and what doesn't when it comes to sex in marriage? Have a listen and join the conversation...

SEX Education and good moral behaviour? Is enough being done?

In this Episode we host Coach Taff, A renowned Life Coach in Zimbabwe as we discuss the videos doing the rounds of high school students from a popular girls only school in Harare. They say ' it takes a village to raise a child' but what happens when the child turns out bad, is it the village or the child to blame? Did the African village die in the Global village? Who's responsibility is it to teach good moral behaviour? What's the role of the parents, the community and the church?

Who's music is it anyway, God or Satan?

In this episode we have a hot discusion with some of Zimbabwe's renowned Christian artists and producers as guests. We chat to Tembalami, Tinashe Nyamukapa and Tremier Msipa about music, its power and how Christians must handle music, i.e both artists and listeners. Is there anythings such as God's music and satan's music or is all music God's music since he created everything? Should Christians listen to secular music at all? Have a listen and join the conversation

Does Christianity require us to discard our African culture and tradditions?

In this episode we have a chat with Tinashe Rusike, a pastor dedicated to taking the gospel to remote and rural parts of Zimbabwe. We discuss the relationship between the faith and our Culture. What are the conflicts and how do we deal with them. What are some of the tradditions we need to let go. What's the biblical perspetive on things like Totems (Mitupo), tradditional ceremonies (Lobola, kusungira etc). We also discuss deliverence, how one as christian can be delivered from the spiritual implications of having participated in some of these tradditions. Have a listen and join the conversation

Is the use of Technology in the Church a blessing or a curse

Is the way we do church helping us become effective disciples or its time we change the way we do church? Should the church adapt and incorporate technology more. Does technology help people connect and grow more as Christians or is it more of a distraction? Is it adding value or taking away? Have a listen to this intriguing discussion as we host Craig Roberts (assistant Pastor Harvest Church) and Shamiso Bobo from the Methodist Church on this episode.

Is the church welcoming enough

In this episode we discuss some of the possible barriers hindering church growth. Why are we not seeing more people coming to church? Why are some people leaving the church? Is the body of christ really growing or are churches redistributing members. Have a listen and join the conversation

Why the church must change its stance on politics

In this episode we have a chat with Advocate Fadzayi Mahere about the Church's role in politics and the election process. She shares her journey as a Christian called to politics, the challenges, the faithful hand of God and why she is passionate about positive change. Our resident theologian Shingai Kuwaza is also in the house and so we also discuss if democracy is biblical? As Christians should we participate in the election process, if so how should we decide who to vote for? How should the church help aspiring political leaders among them? What should church leaders teach and advise their congregants when it comes to politics and elections. Is it time for churches to include conferences and programs on politics and civic society as they do for business? Have listen and join the conversation

I have a friend of a friend

In this episode we answer and discuss questions from our listeners, mainly on relationships. We asked people to send messages or voice notes on issues they want biblical clarity on. These are questions about things which the bible isn't explicitly clear about such as looking for signs to know if they are The One, Cohabiting, Abusive Relationships and more. Have a listen to this very intriguing discussion and join the converstaion

Touch Not My Anointed

In this episode we discuss the whole notion of "Touch Not My Anointed" that is often used in the Christian circles to defend Men and Women of God against persecution, being criticised or being challenged. When and where should this scripture apply? and is it being used out of context? Does this mean that Christian leaders cannot be challenged, criticised or held accountable by congregants and the community at large? How is the accountabilty structure for the church supposed to look like? Have listen and join the conversation

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