Old vs New Testament: Does the law of Tithes and First Fruits still apply today?

In this episode we discuss giving Tithes and First Fruits with Pastor Craig Ndoro and Pastor Sean Mullens as we begin a series of episodes on Old vs New Testament. Are there practices in the Old Testament that do not apply in the New Testament? In this episode we focus on Giving Tithes and offerings. Giving is highly encouraged in the NT and the OT however with a different emphasis. The OT seems to imply that giving generously to the poor was over and above the required giving of the tithes and first fruits etc. whereas in the NT, giving to the poor seems to be the core focus. Does the NT nullify or bring an end to the way of giving taught in the OT, i.e is the systematic giving of tithes and offerings still required?
We know that the sin and guilt offerings were abolished by the work of the cross, what about tithes, free will offerings, first fruits, are these still required? There is hardly any instruction on tithes and first fruits in the NT, does this mean these are no longer required and replaced with giving towards the work of the Gospel and giving to the poor? Have a listen and enjoy the conversation