Analysing prophecies on the nation of Zimbabwe

In this episode we will be looking at some of the prophetic words that have been spoken on Zimbabwe e.g. The Cindy Jacobs Guatemala prophecy on Zimbabwe 1998, which Steve Blomefield countered, arguing that it was not an accurate prophecy as it contradicted the Prophecy he gave in 1997 (a year prior). We discuss how we can evaluate whether a prophetic word is True or Not. Steve Blomefield's 1997 prophecy on Zimbabwe seems to have been fulfilled, does this then necessarily make Cindy Jacobs one innacurate? What value do these prophecies bring to the believer’s own life and the church as a whole? Should the ordinary believer even pay attention to these prophetic words? We also discuss how we should react to these and other prophetic words, esp. the ones that are prophesying doom and destruction. Have a listen and join the conversation.