Law Focus - Right to Basic Education

While the most solid manner of overcoming poverty is education, the training at the early stages and age is important. The right to Basic Education is an unqualified right promised by the Constitution along with attendant legislation and policy. The application thereof has had difficulties resulting in lack of textbooks, proper facilities and even lack of teaching personnel for many students in primary and high school in the country. Law Focus probes the development of the right to Basic Education as contemplated by the Constitution in section 29 (1)(a).
We speak to Ms. Ziphokazi Sisilana, Candidate Attorney at the Equal Education Law Centre as she breaks down the unqualified nature of the right. The show extends to speaking to the Director at the Centre for Child Law, Ms. Karabo Ozah as she explains the jurisprudential development of the right and some of the difficulties in implementation.
This edition of Law Focus is produced by Bulali Dyakopu and Hosted by Basil Sherinda. Technical production by Kutlwano Gwinch Serame.
13 Jul 2018 English South Africa News

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