4 Jun There is a Tokoloshi in my bedroom

Archie, Provvy and Miri join Onai on this show which started late because someone needed to get their hair done and it might not be Miri (we kid, of course its the award winning blogger). They talk about the July vote because any self respecting Zimbabwe should, who they might vote for and who needs to step up. They also speak on the artiste who spoke up about abuse in Bulawayo and Archie shares an interesting take on getting out of it. The award for the candidate that kinda lies the most goes to *drumroll.. Is he doing a bit too much, they break down the Nelson Chamisa Challenge. Should you consult your significant other for a style change and are girls whats the truth about guys who do the dishes. Makupsy asked the question on Bae Allowance and the team reacted to it..

Alternative Episode Names
1. This one is for the guys who do the dishes
2. The presidential candidate pants on fire award goes to..
3. Iwewe hauzi beard gang... uri

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