9 Mar How to get Enlisted Episode with Vic Enlisted ft Annastacia Yona

This Week on Keep it Real Fridays!

In the news! SELETINE (Social Architect) & Brian Willis (No relation to Bruce!) take a moment to take about the song Dj Towers and MC Cut were being sued for; Changamire Hip hop festival update; Cindy Vs Vusa Blaqs video concept disputes.

The special guest is of the week is a producer and promoter Vic Enlisted to talk his come up in the industry; underrated status; his favorite artists to work with and some of his studio pet peeves! Vic Enlisted breaks down beat leasing, licensing and his work ethic. Find out why he thinks Kara Jecha Koso is wifey material and soooo much more!!!

This week's Playlist:

DJ Towers x MC Cut - Ndamuwana
Te3vo (feat. McLyne Beats, R. Peels & Antonio) - Used To
PMula - Nzara Pt2. (feat. Flexxo, Don Cavelle, Shark & Jungle Kid)
*Exclusive Premiere!
Kikky Badass - Know Your Place (Holy Ten Diss)

Shout out to Vic Enlisted for this week's backtracks.

Kikky Badass- Know your place (KIRF Exclusive Premiere )

GIMMIE 5 feature: Annastacia Yona

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