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Keep It Real Fridays is a Capital26free Weekly Hip Hop podcast hosted by SELETINE (a social architect) and BRIAN WILLIS(Blogger with No relation to Bruce!). Lots of interviews with game changers in Hip hop from all facets of the genre from MC's, Entertainers, Dancers, Promoters, social commentators etc and the list goes on. Expect to hear exclusive music drops, reviews, riveting opinions on trending news on the triumphs and malarkey in Zim Hip hop and a bit of the international headlines. Join us every Friday for an hourly dose of realness and modesty!"

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Zim Hip Hop Awards Mania Episode

This week on #KIRF, SELETINE and Brian Willis anf guest co-host, Max Carter drop an exclusive announcement from Beefy Harrison, decipher hw reactions, tension in the air and delve deep into the much anticipated Zim Hip Hop awards nominees list, make their predictions and so much more.. Follow @SELETINE @BrianWilliszw and @keepitrealfri on twitter for more updates

Say something Profound Episode ft SoProfound

This week on KIRF! SELETINE and Brian Willis chop it up with the founder of the Say Samthin' Poetry convention; SoProfound! They touch on some contemporary ZHH issues, whether Nhema by Ex Q is a hip hop record? If Jnr Brown still got the juice? what SoProfound is trying to achieve with the poetry convention, cultivating the culture, international performing acts and soooo much more! Follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri for more updates!

Amplified: MC Chita IC2 Album launch ft Various Artistes (Part 1)

This week on KIRF! SELETINE and Brian Willis hit the town to do an amplified edition at MC Chitas #IC2 album launch. The vibe was phenomenal as they also got to have a few chats with Verseless, Beefy Harrison, Zimboy, Preezo, Natasha Muz, Tulk Munny, Beav City, Da Kid Verse and last but not least, the man of the hour, MC Chita! Keep it locked and make sure you follow, @SELETINE @Brianwilliszw @keepitrealfri for live perfomance videos and pics from the evening.

Show me the Mula episode ft P Mula

This week on Keep it Real Fridays! In the news; Scrip Mula's Jnr Brown critique; #ExpectUs challenge gaining momentum and more. "Katanga Boys" very own P Mula touches. base with SELETINE and Brian Willis to talk about his recently released "Believe in Mula" LP , upcoming visuals, why he's still not cool with Xndr, Vic Enlisted's influence on his projects, upcoming tour and sooo much more! Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitrealFri On all social media platforms

Let's be Transparent Episode ft Courtney Antipas

This week on Keep it real Fridays! In the news the team discusses the controversy behind PD's release; Schingy announcing his alliance with New Africa Music, Tru North on vowing to NEVER work with Stunner, Luveve to London, Diamond in the rough talent search. SELETINE and Brian Willis kick it with the King of Christian Hip hop; Courtney Antipas! They talk all things "Transparent"; discussing the creation process of the track 'Kayden' where he detailing his son's death; why Asaph's verse didn't make it on the album; why he felt compelled to check Mudiwa on being unnecessarily braggadocious; why he didn't take the $5k distribution bag, his friendship with Tehn, future projects and sooo much more! Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @Keepitrealfri for more updates and events!

ZHH Summit Special Part III vs NEW MUSIC SEASON ft Kritiq Igwe, Outspoken & Munetsi

Brian and Seletine team up for this new episode to talk about some of the new music that has been released, the checking of Mudiwa by Misred and discussions around the new music that has been coming in droves, but how good is it. In the interview, they take us back to the Zim Hip Hop summit at Shoko festival. Brian gets to sit down with Kritiq Igwe, Munetsi and Outspoken and they weigh in on the state of Hip Hop. This is so much more

That Badass Ma1 Episode ft Mimie Kay, Dj Towers

This week on Keep it real Fridays! SELETINE and Brian Willis double up and get Kikky Badass (Queen of the South) and T1 wema1. They touch on the update on T1's progress with his distribution, upcoming visuals, breaking down the concept behind the “Rugare” album. Kikky speaks on how Chief J was instrumental in the production of the Queen of the South album, addresses the Schingy smashing rumour, her interesting friendship with Dj Towers, upcoming tour with Few Kings and soooo much more!

THE House Keeping Episode

This Week on Keep it Real Fridays! SELETINE and Brian Willis, clear the room to hash out some housekeeping issues, Few Kings landing & Brian's take off, new music, visuals, Zim hip hop shooting star of 2017, whether Xndr dropped the ball and soooo much more! Make sure you follow @KeepitrealFridays on Facebook and Instagram, @Keepitrealfri on Twitter.

ZHH Summit Specials Part II : Slikour Keeps It Real ft Co-host Sharky

On this second installment of our ZHH summit-KIRF special the team sits down with Slikour, an SA hip hop OG and techprenuer. They are ably assisted by Zim rapper Sharky. Aside from the fun and savagery they discussed, what it takes to have longevity in the game, hosting shows and being on the come up. They dive into Slikour's journey from selling cassettes to being one of the most influential Hip Hip personalities in Africa. They touch on the experience of being black balled in the industry, how much a Slikour verse costs in 2017, prospective creative collabs with Zim and soooo much more! Follow @Keepitrealfridays on FB & IG , @keepitrealfri on twitter for updates on the Zim Hip hop Summit & more!

The Kings Landing :TFAF2 Review Ft Few Kings

In this KIRF edition, in the news we discuss some ZHH summit highlights, Zimbuzz apology, Who the Queen of the north is?? And sooo much more The Kings land on our turf for what's seemingly a cordial engagement and turns out to be quite a roller coaster ride. However, the team manages to discuss Doing what it takes to get to the money, Take Fizzo hinting that a singing album maybe on the way, How they took their time to release and what was the hold up, Rappers in WhatsApp groups spreading unnecessary hate, their innovative distribution and Why the album was made available for free, Jnr Brown calling out Brian Willis; BegottenSun still being quintessential to the roll outs of albums and soooo much more! Make sure you follow @Keepitrealfridays on Facebook and IG and @Keepitrealfri on twitter

ZHH Summit Specials PART I : Brazil Meets Zimbabwe ft Dughetto and Rafa Tudesco

On this special installment of the Zim hip hop Summit. KIRF goes international for a bit; SELETINE has a quick chat with Dughetto, Rafa Tudesco (Brazil) and Steve, our silent guest . They touch on being independent and partnering with Universal music group, upcoming collabs with Zim artists, work ethics, why Brazil has the best carnival out there and soooo much more! Make sure you follow @keepitrealfridays on IG and Facebook and @keepitrealfri to keep up with more installments of the ZHH Summit KIRF specials!

The Zim Hip Hop Summit Special Ft Darryl Nyamutsamba

Brian Willis has an important guest in the building, Darryl Nyamutsamba, one of the founding organisers of the Zim Hip Hop Summit. They get to talk about how the idea of the event came up and why its very important to start having these conversations in the industry, Find out how the panels were made and some crazy Brian Willis questions about some of the members in the panel. In the news, its all about Casspers perfomance on stage, Triggers performance on the phone and who may have stolen a KIRF beat..

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