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Keep It Real Fridays is a Capital26free Weekly Hip Hop podcast hosted by SELETINE (a social architect) and BRIAN WILLIS(Blogger with No relation to Bruce!). Lots of interviews with game changers in Hip hop from all facets of the genre from MC's, Entertainers, Dancers, Promoters, social commentators etc and the list goes on. Expect to hear exclusive music drops, reviews, riveting opinions on trending news on the triumphs and malarkey in Zim Hip hop and a bit of the international headlines. Join us every Friday for an hourly dose of realness and modesty!"

The Zim Hip Hop Summit Special Ft Darryl Nyamutsamba

Brian Willis has an important guest in the building, Darryl Nyamutsamba, one of the founding organisers of the Zim Hip Hop Summit. They get to talk about how the idea of the event came up and why its very important to start having these conversations in the industry, Find out how the panels were made and some crazy Brian Willis questions about some of the members in the panel. In the news, its all about Casspers perfomance on stage, Triggers performance on the phone and who may have stolen a KIRF beat..

Round Table III : Does Radio Need To be Fixed?

In this episode of Keep It Real Fridays, Brian, Noble, Kellenah and a couple of concerned artistes vent about the conduct of some of the presenters of a local radio. What is an opinion and what is trashing a brand? Who is the custodian of Hip Hop? Who should improve? We will let you decide. Also, on this episode, we have MuccBoy, who shows his skills, again, we will let you decide.

The Honest ALYVE Album Review ft Marcques & Dale

The KIRF team comes back after a week off with a brand new show with brand new music and brand new rappers. In the news, Brian and Mimiekay talk about the Cassper Nyovest show and the back lash from rappers in Zim over Zim dancehall artistes opening. They catch up with Dale, a new rapper based in Bulawayo who also does work for Enthuse Mag, he drops bars, what rating does Brian give him? Find out the story behind Marcques Debut album, its meaning and what he was trying to say with that particular body of work, why he changed its name from "The Book of Marcques" and who he would smash, marry or friendzone between, Anne Nhira, Zodwa Wabantu and Gsbriella Engels.

The Jibilika 2017 Episode ft Plot Mhako, Nyaradzo Nhongonhema & Tinie Jay

Brian and Noble Styles have a very informative conversation with Plot Mhako and Nyaradzo Nhongonhema from Jibilika Dance Festival. They cover everything from how the event has evolved throughout the years, how it is going to work wiith ZERO funding and how the succession plan has been from Plot to Nyaradzo. They also cover some of the controversies that had been associated with the festival, touch on the Zim Hip Hop Summit and on the different events that will be going on during the Dance Festival. In Gimmie 5, Brian is joined by Tinie Jay,Norton based Ndebele Bars spitting rapper who has something to say, do you think his free style was dope enough? In the news, Calvin quits rap, Marcques shoots a new vid and three new drops? This and so much moreeeee

KIRF Introduces DJ Krimz ON THE RECORD SHOW ft Jay Wo & Killer T Shoc Freestyle

This week on KIRF, the team introduces a new Hip Hop Show by the Capital26free and The Volts Resident DJ Krimzbeatz. The show seeks to expose some of the unheard of, unplayed underrated but mostly dopest jams in Zim Hip Hop, This wont be Off the Record, No Secrets, We keeping it real.. So we put the Records ON THE RECORD! The guys also talk to SA based Hip Hop Artiste Jay Wo and find out all about his exploits and his single, Dirty Diana. Dont miss the Killer Freestyle by T Shoc

The Economy Vs The Rapper Round Table ft PD Da Ghost, Noble Stylez, Kirk & Leroy

In todays episode, Brian is joined by the gate keepers of the game as well as some of the most influencial voices in Hip Hop. A round table discussion with ZiFM Hip Hop Show host of The Fixx, PD Da Ghost, Rapper and Blogger Noble Stylez, Blogger and commentator Kirk Patrick from Enthuse Mag, Leroy Dzenga a journalist from The Herald and Mimiekay, In this episode they panelists talk about the situation In Zim Hip Hop and how to improve its state given the current economy. Find out who argues their point strongly. This and so much moreeeee

Round Table with the New School ft Lord Kirk, Miss Mcayz & Meister

This week on KIRF! The Captain of the BOAT is joined by Lord Kirk (Enthuse Mag) as the co-anchor to go over this week's news and they discussed upcoming Stunner episode shockwave; events this weekend; R Peels listening party and Noble Stylez rant; #YouTopia headlining acts, new music from Beav City, Drissy Parker , Miss Micakz . Dope interview with Meister and Miss Micakz and soooo much more! Make sure you Follow @keepitrealfri @SELETINE @Cashbid87 on all social media platforms

Team Hombe Tells KIRF zviripamoyo ft Stunner , Danny N and Din Vidz

This Week on Keep it Real Fridays! Mudhara Dziva aka Stunner kicks it with the gang alongside our "KIRF furniture" Mimiekay to Speak on his upcoming album #StrayBullet; Not letting the Hip hop tag limit his creativity; Videography in Zim, addresses 'beefs' with T-Gonzi, Schingy, BSun, Tytan, Vusa Blaqs inciting tribalism, Ex-Tazoita Cash Records affiliates and soooo much more! In the news we touch on new music, Cal vin vowing to sell out Made in Byo 2 show, much anticipated Marcques album, Kikky responding to Schingy's smash allegations,Cashbid doing an album for the kids? and the R.Peels listening party. Gimmie 5 had Danny N and Din Vidz the beat boxer! Make sure you Follow @keepitrealfri @SELETINE @cashbid87 @mimiekay @stunnerzim on social media

The Team Bho Boss Episode feat Schingy, Spekktrumn, Mimiekay and Blax

This week on Keep It Real Fridays, The team is joined by the Team Bho Boss and YGE team member, Schingy, Blogger and Hip Hop Commentator, Spekktrumn and MimieKay . A lot is shared on this episode from why Schingy seems to be taking swipes at Stunner, splitting with DJ Towers, girls he may already have done things to and how long it took him to finish. Find out how Schingy closes off the episode with a freestyle. On the news its arguments about who is doper, Stunner or Tehn Diamond, all from a tweet by Seletine. New releases and new music. A New artiste, Blax joins the team for Gimmie 5 and he shows us what Zim Hip Hop is going to be made of, this and so much moreeeee

The Truth about Karizma, The REAL Karizma ft Mimiekay

This week on KIRF, the crew is joined by the award winning and lyrically proficient Hip Hop artiste Karizma. The squad is also joined by Keep It Real Fridays, regular, Mimiekay who provides her giggles and sobering presence. Karizzy talks about what he is upto in Zimbabwe and why you wont find him exactly turning up right about now. He also breaks what he see's as the bad approach that is done by Diaspora rappers in the country. The team go over his discography and how Karizma found his "sweet spot" on the musicaly. He drops knowledge on how he was able to pen up a deal with Viacom, and get his music on MTVBases Shuga drama series as well as his take on being a rapper from the North. On Smash, Marry or Friendzone, he shares an interesting story about how he first met Tammy. In the news, its all about new releases from Bulawayo, T Gonzi leaving the country for a festival, and a whole lot moreeee

KIRF AMPLIFIED Tulk Munny Bonfire & Gwanda Rulez launch ft Take Fizzo x Ritah

Seletine and Brian Willis hot the town to partake in their second KIRF-Amplified event at Tulk Munny’s Bonfire and Double album launch for Chepajecha and joint Collab project Gwanda Rulez with Take Fizzo. The night was loaded with fire performances, a star studded crowd and we were fortunate enough to capture a few moments with some of the performers of the night and artistes who came to show love such as Marcques, Mile, Boss Kedha, Ashta Eez, Phreshy, Pro Beatz, Munetsi, Muc Boy, Take Fizzo, Ritah The Thought and Myke Pimp. We hope you enjoy our second amplified presentation and please make sure you like, share, subscribe and Keep it Locked.

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