Capital26Free Keep It Real Fridays

Keep It Real Fridays

Keep It Real Fridays is a Capital26free Weekly Hip Hop podcast hosted by SELETINE (a social architect). Lots of interviews with game changers in Hip hop from all facets of the genre from MC's, Entertainers, Dancers, Promoters, social commentators etc and the list goes on. Expect to hear exclusive music drops, reviews, riveting opinions on trending news on the triumphs and malarkey in Zim Hip hop and a bit of the international headlines. Join us every Friday for an hourly dose of realness and modesty!"
Weekly English Explicit Zimbabwe Music · Entertainment News Narrated by Dru the DJ
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Putting in the work ft Dj Sabby

This week Seletine locks in with radio presenter, artist, and music executive Dj Sabby who is based in South Africa. We touch on how the @Flemoji x Bluprintstudio x Dj Sabby partnership developed; the Next up EP; Zim rappers making waves; why rappers are doing Amapiano; when industry relationships get…
15 Oct 2021 1 hr 12 min

Surviving the times VI (feat. SYNIK)

SELETINE and the multifaceted Hip Hop artiste SYNIK discuss how it all started; Creative process for Syn City album and 3D video; Working with Aurra, Fungai Nengare, Vusi Mkhaya on the new album; KYN vs MMT beef; Defending Dj Naida , Why there won't be a SYN City II 🥺;…
16 Jul 2021 1 hr 14 min

Leader of the NEW NORTH (feat. Paintafresco)

Big Paint 🎨 aka Paintafresco, a talented hip hop artists sets his canvases aside to kick it with SELETINE for a bit. They discuss how new artists are coming up in the pandemic; Big Paint recovering from COVID19; King98's trajectory as an upcoming artist 🤔; New North of Samora doing…
9 Jul 2021 58 min

2-Puff Shakur P.S.A (feat Kuda K)

SELETINE and Mona K take a step further to sit down with UK based artist of whom is a rare breed; spirit animal being "Muyera Dragon" and professionally known as Kuda K. In this episode we trace, how he started rapping, meeting Chief Chino, yearning to blow up in Zim,…
2 Jul 2021 55 min

Getting Mental (feat. Chief Chino)

SELETINE and Mona K are back again to talk to the enigmatic, innovative and one of the Zim Drill Orginators known as Chief Chino. Chief Chino discusses working with producers Portland & Sonny Sway Swayyz; freestyling for Dj Fantan and being discouraged to do Zim Dancehall, his beef with Bryan…
25 Jun 2021 58 min

The Other Side [That Matters](feat. TRK)

TRK pops in to join SELETINE and MISS MONA to talk about several topics. They discuss TRK's early start in music; working with Dj Dimplez & Myk Pimp, Dating in the entertainment industry,  vernac raps vs English bars,  Simba Tagz being a worthy verzuz opponent? Why Holy Ten is popping…
18 Jun 2021 1 hr 16 min

Celebrating the City of Kings & QUEENS (feat. Noluntu J)

This week on Keep it Real Fridays! In line with Celebrating Bulawayo day, it was only right to get some royalty from the city on the show! Afrofusion artiste Noluntu J. They touch on her start on music; being mentored by Cal Vin (RIP); choosing to not be boxed in…
11 Jun 2021 58 min

And the winner is (feat. Nico C)

Nico C, Bata Mic rap battle winner :This week on Keep it Real Fridays, SELETINE rides solo and gets to have a one on one with Nico C, the baddest battle rapper and March 2021 winner of Bata Mic. The pair discuss the battle rap scene in Zimbabwe; Nico C…
9 Apr 2021 40 min

I’m In Your Top 5 (feat. Mile)

In this must hear episode, Mile joins Brian Willis and special guest host Onai from Nhai Onai & the other guys to chop it up with the all rounder. Mile clears the air about his label situation with Sony providing context to what its structure was and why he was…
26 Mar 2021 1 hr 37 min

Greener Pastures (feat. Phreshy)

This week on Keep it Real Fridays! A Queen of Hip Hop, Phreshy calls in to chop it up with the gang and we also have a special co-host , Onai (NOOG podcast). Phreshy reflects on her first KIRF experience, discusses her move to South Africa, Working with Afro, Vic…
19 Mar 2021 1 hr 04 min

Doing Things Different (feat. Kriss Newtone)

Masvingo's raging new talent in the building this week! Hip hop artist- Kriss Newtone joins SELETINE and Brian to discuss Avatar State EP, Being influenced by Tehn Diamond and Sharky, regressive label deals , Dating Frya ? and sooooo much more! Tracklist: Awa Khiwe - Ngeke Bengimele Kriss Newton Ft…
12 Mar 2021 56 min

Painting perfect pictures with Hulio

The man with the Midas pencil ✏ game joins Keep it Real Fridays to chop it up with SELETINE and Brian Willis. They discuss linking up with Chris Brown, thriving in a competitive industry, going back to school, future plans and sooooo much more! Tracklist Suhn - Margielas Trk -…
5 Mar 2021 56 min

House Keeping VIII (The Losers Episode)

Merry Christmas to all our valued listeners! This week after the dust had settled we revisited the Zim Hip Hop Awards winners list; politics possibly involved, sore losers? , awards panelists pushing own agendas? Phreshy vs Natasha Muz chorus Versuz and soooo much more! Tracklist: Mizchif - Congratulations Takudzwa TK…
25 Dec 2020 2 hr 11 min

Surviving the times V (feat. GZE)

A wordsmith and hustler of note, known as GZE, touches base with SELETINE & Brian Willis for an assortment of topics. They discuss new music, breaking down the biggest beef of the year, making his first hit with Take Fizzo, finding the right management, handling criticism, working with PD the…
4 Dec 2020 1 hr 20 min

Born to do it episode (feat. Denimwoods)

Royalty is the theme as always and we catch up with the fast pacing upcoming King of the North and African Rock star, Denimwoods. We talk about having a successful listening party, being a part of the Corropt boyz collective, whether doing things for the culture is beneficial, how to…
27 Nov 2020 1 hr 13 min

Championships episode [ZHHA season] (feat. Rain)

Royalty is in the building this week as we have Rain Midzi the trail blazing PR lady for Zim Hip Hop Awards to brief us on the upcoming awards and her current work. We discuss Why King98 wasn't nominated; Addressing Rain's potential conflict of interest; Scoring Gonarezhou and producing the…
20 Nov 2020 1 hr 19 min

Its in the Bloodline Episode (feat. Kikky Badass)

Royalty is in the building this week as SELETINE and Brian Willis catch us with the Queen of the South aka Kikky Badass to talk about the 'Bloodline' LP and several things. Kikky opens up about her pen game being criticised, reflecting on last interaction with Cal_Vin; why education is…
13 Nov 2020 1 hr 34 min

Full Circle episode (feat. Courtney Antipas)

In another thrilling episode of Keep it Real Fridays! Friend to the show - Christian Hip hop artiste Courtney Antipas pops by to discuss life during COVID times, Live Wise State of mind 5 EP, revisiting his choice to become a Christian rapper, King Cal_Vin funeral, dealing with mental health,…
6 Nov 2020 1 hr 35 min

Remembering Cal_Vin: Loxion Obama Tribute (1985-2020)

Spirits are low this week as SELETINE and Brian Willis try and make sense of the tragic death of Rapper, Singer, Producer Cal_Vin. The boys reflect on their experiences meeting him, revisit his KIRF interview and play some of his music. Our prayers and well wishes go out to his…
29 Oct 2020 48 min

The Crossover (feat. R.Peels)

Its a celebration on R.Peels birthday! KIRF catches up with the man of the moment to talk about his new Muchinjiko album & creative process, top 5 albums; we revisit "Not impressed freestyle", relationships with Zvigaba, Ray Vines & Kuda Manase ; possible collab EP with Kikky Badass on the…
23 Oct 2020 1 hr 07 min
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