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Keep It Real Fridays is a Capital26free Weekly Hip Hop podcast hosted by SELETINE (a social architect) and BRIAN WILLIS(Blogger with No relation to Bruce!). Lots of interviews with game changers in Hip hop from all facets of the genre from MC's, Entertainers, Dancers, Promoters, social commentators etc and the list goes on. Expect to hear exclusive music drops, reviews, riveting opinions on trending news on the triumphs and malarkey in Zim Hip hop and a bit of the international headlines. Join us every Friday for an hourly dose of realness and modesty!"

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The House Call Episode With Metaphysics ft FUCCI

This Week on Keep it Real Fridays! In the news SELETINE & Brian Willis discuss; the Tererai Sextape, KapCity's bro getting shot , Dj Mox clapping back at Kikky Badass and ZimConnect 18. The boys make a house call and pull up on Zim-German and iconic Rapper; Metaphysics. Our guest...wait Host? Ok, Guest Metaphysics opens up about his early start in music since 1989; growing up in Mbare and his nickname (you wana hear this); Terry Mahati inspiring his artistry, choosing the right record deal; story behind how he got his foot in the film industry in South Africa; Getting publishing cheques from multi-platinum albums; The artists he's brushed shoulders with along the way; community projects & soooo much MORE! This week's tracks: Chanter TJ - No Stress (feat. Shaquille) Don Don - IDGAF Rue - Who You Are (feat. Tehn) Shout out to Bryne Muchengwa for providing this week's backtracks Insta: @itsbryne Twitter: @itsbryne GIMME 5 feature: FUCCI Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri #KIRF On all social media platforms If you happen listen to the show on iTunes please subscribe and drop us a 5 star review! Thank you for your support!!

Muzukuru Decoded with Mariachi ft Strych Beatz

This Week on Keep it Real Fridays! The Boys run through some headlines and coonery from the past week. Love is in the air and the boys have put together a special love inspired playlist to dedicate to your significant bae(s) or crush! Our special guest Mariachi kicks it with SELETINE and Brian Willis to catch up on what he's been up to; news music, being the 1st to innovate music submissions at PowerFm via Email; impact made during the MMT and Purple Blazer days, MC Cut wilding? Why Rumbie Takawira is wifey material and soooo much more! This week's tracks: Producer credit : #GIMMIE 5 feature: Strych Beatz Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri On all social media platforms If you happen listen to the show on iTunes please subscribe and drop us a 5 star review! Thank you for your support!

The Dizzy Order Episode with Dizzy Don ft Maxy Jay

This week on Keep it Real Fridays! The big homy Dizzy Don pulls up on SELETINE and Brian Willis to talk about his start in music; giving artists a platform ; How sextapes may not be a bad idea for Zim Hip hop; his documentary and new album; Gimmicks vs 'music speaking for itself'; whether the Zim Hip hop Fund is a money grab or sincere initiative, why he thinks KVG is wifey material and sooo much more! continued support This week's tracks: Lil' Nick - Ndiri Munhu Mariachi - Ngaanake Maskiri - Hona (feat. Karen) Producer credit to Vic Enlisted for the soundtrack. GIMME 5 feature: Maxy Jay (Maxyjay263) Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri On all social media platforms If you happen listen to the show on iTunes please subscribe and drop us a 5 star review! Thank you for your support!

Talk is not so cheap episode with Madzitatiguru ft Splits Loui

This week on Keep it real Fridays! The boys chop it up for another exciting episode! In the news, they try and make sense of the Tiara Baluti vs MC Cut fiasco; Stunner making jabs at Maskiri? Changamire Festival Awards highlights; P Mula trolling Jnr Brown on a radio freestyle. Our special guest Spoken Word artist; Madzitatiguru cools out with the KIRF Team and they explore his craft and journey as a poet. They discuss financial sustainability as a poet in Zimbabwe; inspiration behind his best poems; whether Comrade Fatso has fallen off as a Poet? Madzitatiguru spits a heartfelt poem dedicated to Cindy Munyavi and soooo much more! #Gimmie5: Splits Loui This week's playlist *Ghetto Anthem - N.T.A. *Vakuru - Tafara x Don Cavelle *Royalty - Cal_Vin ( Congrats to im on the new baby boy) Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri on all social media platforms If you happen listen to the show on iTunes please subscribe and drop us a 5 star review! Thank you for your continued support!

Back to the future with Amard and Spekktrumn

In this week's episode, Brian Willis rides solo but is joined in by Amard the lady who was part of the kirf team before she left for radio. We talk a little about life after kirf, and she exhibited great growth professionally , and shared some knowledge with Brian. To keep the balance we had Spekktrumn, a zimhiphop blogger who’s hands are in different pots but for the greater good to uplift zimhiphop We talk about Calvin’s album and why people are not talking about it. Fucci and Schingy beef, R.Peels gives us his other side we didn't get to hear on Zviri Eva Beautiful laced up in an ep titled Mbiri Kuna Pharoah Changamire awards are upon us we are giving away 5 tickets look out for the questions our social media accounts. Our Guests On Twitter: @Amardzw @Sp3kktracular @Nicotnash01 ( #Gimmie5 ) This week's tracks: Dru Da Innovator - Usadherera Trendy Elias - WW3 ZAA feat. B.S.O - Call Me Shout out to Anonzi Xndr for the this weeks soundtrack, and congratulations to him on becoming a father Follow us: @keepitrealfri @BrianWillisZw @Seletine

It's all about the Mula Episode ft T-Mula x Nial Ainca

This week on #KIRF SELETINE & Brian Willis cool out with the artiste, videographer and South African based entrepreneur; T-Mula. They discuss keys to maneuvering correctly in the SA market as a Zim artist; upcoming collab with Take Fizzo; being the plug for all your dream cars; being instrumental in some of our favorite 2017 videos from South Africa; Seletine decodes the "Training wheels theory" ; T-Mula drops some wisdom on what to deal with when you wife-up a Bad-Bad and soooo much more! Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri on all social media platforms If you happen listen to the show on iTunes please subscribe and drop us a 5 star review! Thank you for your continued support!

The Taste Makers Episode ft Dj Mox & Mik Manjengwa

This week SELETINE & Brian Willis set it off in 2018 by having Dj Mox aka The Moxinator on Keep it real Fridays! They chop it up and discuss TXO's impact on Zim hip hop;whether numerous award shows provide value addition to Zim rappers;his instigating role in the T-Gonzi and Stunner beef; overcoming personal adversities. Mox also drops some jewels about handling flings & so much more! On our Gimme 5 segment we have Mik Manjengwa showcasing his talent;possibility of having a Zim rapper on The Black Panther movie?. Let us know what you think online. Be sure to follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @Keepitrealfri on All social media platforms!

The Zim Hip Hop Top 10 Artistes 2017 Episode ft MisRed

This week on #KIRF the team is joined by the Coca Cola bae aka MisRed "The chick with the keys to the ignition". Takes some time out her busy schedule to talk about the ZHH Awards 2017; discuss the top 10 , drops some artist development jewels and sooo much more! Follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri for more up

African Hip Hop Awards loading....ft Nana Yaw Obiri Yeboah

This Week on #KIRF! SELETINE x Brian Willis are graced by royalty. Nana Yaw Obiri Yeboah; the African Hip hop Awards founder pops by to talk about what to expect when the event takes place in May 2018; how corporates can get involved; 5 star performers at the awards, artist capacity building initiatives and so much more! Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @Keepitrealfri

Producer turnt Singer ft Mclyne Beatz

This week on #KIRF SELETINE and Brian Willis set it off by decoding the Kara and Double Jae scandal; Courtney Antipas on lack of support; Cal_Vin being black balled by Skyz Metro FM. ZHHA Producer of the year nominee, Mclyne Beatz drops by to discuss groupie love, alternative EP, his work relationship with R.Peels, independent grind, award nomination and so much more. Follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @Keepitrealfri #KIRF

Amplified : MC Chitas iC2 album launch Part II ft Verseless, Zimboy, Tulk Munny, DaKid Verse

SELETINE and Brian Willis chat to some friends of the room at the MC Chita iC2 album launch which is now available everywhere. They caught up with Verseless and talk about Crossover success, experimenting with new sound and Zyon Black slacking. They also caught up with Zimboy and chat about almost dying in SA whose tour it really was and so much more. Tulk Munny reacts to his ZHHA nominations, his unwavering Lady K crush and working with MC Chita. They also talk to Da Kid Verse about his best underground nomination and lots more Follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @keepitrealfri for more updates

New Zimbabwe, New Rap Bae ft KARA

This week on #KIRF SELETINE & Brian Willis embrace the new Zimbabwe and comment on rappers embracing the political wave. In studio they chop it up with the beautiful and fire-spitting KARA aka Jechakoso and chat about Pokello Nare being her biggest inspiration; why she will never work with R.Peels; being underrated because of her gender,her dream collabs; why her label situation didn't workout with Preezo & Team Legacy and soooo much more! Follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri for more updates!

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