23 Feb The House Call Episode With Metaphysics ft FUCCI

This Week on Keep it Real Fridays! In the news SELETINE & Brian Willis discuss; the Tererai Sextape, KapCity's bro getting shot , Dj Mox clapping back at Kikky Badass and ZimConnect 18.

The boys make a house call and pull up on Zim-German and iconic Rapper; Metaphysics. Our guest...wait Host? Ok, Guest Metaphysics opens up about his early start in music since 1989; growing up in Mbare and his nickname (you wana hear this); Terry Mahati inspiring his artistry, choosing the right record deal; story behind how he got his foot in the film industry in South Africa; Getting publishing cheques from multi-platinum albums; The artists he's brushed shoulders with along the way; community projects & soooo much MORE!

This week's tracks:

Chanter TJ - No Stress (feat. Shaquille)
Don Don - IDGAF
Rue - Who You Are (feat. Tehn)

Shout out to Bryne Muchengwa for providing this week's backtracks
Insta: @itsbryne
Twitter: @itsbryne

GIMME 5 feature: FUCCI

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