9 Feb The Dizzy Order Episode with Dizzy Don ft Maxy Jay

This week on Keep it Real Fridays! The big homy Dizzy Don pulls up on SELETINE and Brian Willis to talk about his start in music; giving artists a platform ; How sextapes may not be a bad idea for Zim Hip hop; his documentary and new album; Gimmicks vs 'music speaking for itself'; whether the Zim Hip hop Fund is a money grab or sincere initiative, why he thinks KVG is wifey material and sooo much more! continued support This week's tracks: Lil' Nick - Ndiri Munhu Mariachi - Ngaanake Maskiri - Hona (feat. Karen) Producer credit to Vic Enlisted for the soundtrack. GIMME 5 feature: Maxy Jay (Maxyjay263) Make sure you follow @SELETINE @BrianWillisZw @KeepitRealFri On all social media platforms If you happen listen to the show on iTunes please subscribe and drop us a 5 star review! Thank you for your support!
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