26 Jan Back to the future with Amard and Spekktrumn

In this week's episode, Brian Willis rides solo but is joined in by Amard the lady who was part of the kirf team before she left for radio. We talk a little about life after kirf, and she exhibited great growth professionally , and shared some knowledge with Brian. To keep the balance we had Spekktrumn, a zimhiphop blogger who’s hands are in different pots but for the greater good to uplift zimhiphop
We talk about Calvin’s album and why people are not talking about it. Fucci and Schingy beef, R.Peels gives us his other side we didn't get to hear on Zviri Eva Beautiful laced up in an ep titled Mbiri Kuna Pharoah
Changamire awards are upon us we are giving away 5 tickets look out for the questions our social media accounts.

Our Guests On Twitter:
@Nicotnash01 ( #Gimmie5 )

This week's tracks:
Dru Da Innovator - Usadherera
Trendy Elias - WW3
ZAA feat. B.S.O - Call Me
Shout out to Anonzi Xndr for the this weeks soundtrack, and congratulations to him on becoming a father

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