Managing your debtors

Join Yasmeen Alli on this week's edition of Small Biz MBA where she takes a look at debtors or accounts receivable. She is joined by Chartered Accountant and Small Business Financial Expert - Samantha Weldon who has helped many entrepreneurs stabilise their businesses by taking control of their debtors.
17 Oct 2017 English South Africa Business · Education

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Managing your creditors

Yasmeen Alli takes a look at an area where most entrepreneurs feel like they have more control – the creditors control account. Samantha Weldon joins Yasmeen again, to help formulate sound creditors' guidelines.
23 Nov 2017 23 min

Everything you need to know about your website

Today is the digital age and your business website could make or break you so getting it right is essential. Yasmeen Alli, academy manager at Raizcorp, shares everything you need to know about a business website, from the definition, to how to make yours perfect.
13 Nov 2017 22 min

Networking: why you need it and how to perfect it

“It not what you know, but who you know.” Or so I have heard. That is the truth about networking. It is a vital tool for starting a business, keeping it running and helping it grow. Yasmeen Alli provides some useful definitions and tips for using networking in a way…
27 Nov 2017 23 min

Get financial control over your business

Yasmeen Ali takes a look at what it is to have financial control over your business. Later she is joined by Ann Ligman, founder of P@wBack (Pty) Ltd. who has a passion for helping businesses - big and small - create and implement financial policies that work for them
15 Jan 2018 25 min

Preparing for sales calls

In this episode of Small Biz MBA, Raizcorp's Academy Manager, Yasmeen Alli continues the discussion around our sales journey with a look at how to effectively prepare for sales calls. Leandi Streeter, Small Business Expert takes us through what a sales script is and how it is performed.
22 Jan 2018 16 min