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How your brand aligns to your personal brand

Yasmeen Alli discusses marketing, how we speak to our target market and what our marketing says to them. She is also joined by Life Coach Katlego Mabusela to talk about how your brand aligns to your personal brand.

The importance of networks for entrepreneurs

As we build our businesses it's important that we also build our support structures. Support can come in many forms and this week Yasmeen Alli takes a look at these. Joining her in studio is Marihet Hamman and shares some tips on how to deal with entrepreneurial loneliness.

Feedback is the most valuable and should not be discounted

What are blindspots in entrepreneurial terms? Just as it takes practice to get it right while driving (and not crash the car) it takes practice in the personal developement space as well. Feedback is the most valuable and should not be discounted. Gianni Rech, Personal Guide at Raizcorp joins Yasmeen Alli to talk about self awareness and personal development

What is feedback?

This week on Small Biz MBA, Yasmeen Alli discusses the topic that many of us claim to love but secretly hate - Feedback. But what is feedback? Feedback is a form of communication, feedback is information about performance or behaviour that ideally leads to action to affirm or develop that performance or behaviour. Akhona Sass, MD of Intotek, a personal development specialist who has helped many entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of feedback joins Yasmeen in studio

A journey of self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the topic of conversation in this week's edition of Small Biz MBA, are you trapped in your comfort zone, always seeking for other approval and opinions? Yasmeen Alli is joined by Haneefa Motani, Founder of Stylishi who shares her journey of self-acceptance.

Sharing a hunting and farming for sales story

An issue often seen in small businesses is the insonsistancy in sales streams. This can be dangerous for a business as the unpredictability can make a business seem unprofessional and can scare would-be clients. Rishav Juglall MD at Rocky Brands shares his hunting and farming for sales story.

Elements needed to build your sales

In the past few weeks Yasmeen Alli looked at the elements needed to build your sales and the importance of having a process in place that allows you to manage yourselves more predictably. She is joined by Raizcorp's Sales and Marketing guide, David Mills who talks about how to analyze and build your sales processes for a better sales pipeline

A look at the topic of handeling objections and closing the deal

Yasmeen Alli takes a look at the topic of handeling objections and closing the deal. You've done your homework, you've made the sales pitch and you're confident that you are solving your potential client's pain. How do you remain positive and not become deflated when the deal is not closed as quickly as you like? Yoray Narainpersad, MD of Fast Forward Marketing joins the conversation about his experience in handling these objections and closing.

Connecting your product with potential buyers

This week on Small Biz MBA Yasmeen Alli takes a look at some of the reason why entrepreneurs are struggling to connect their products with their potential buyers. Are they connecting the product's features and benefits to the clients needs? Kealeboga P Pule, Founder and MD at Nungu Diamonds talks about how he sees his products and connects with his clients.

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