Interview: Dracore CEO Chantelle Fraser on SA's giant data leak (20 Oct 17)

Published 20 October 2017. In this special edition of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod sits down with Dracore Data Sciences CEO Chantelle Fraser to talk about the massive data leak exposed this week involving more than 60m South Africa citizens.
In the podcast, Fraser explains the timeline of events, how Dracore's name was dragged into the story and why she's filing papers in the high court later on Friday against the owner of iAfrikan, a website that published an article speculating about whether her company was involved in the leak. Australian information security professional Troy Hunt first revealed on Tuesday that the records of more than 30m South Africans had been leaked online -- he later revised this number to more than 60m, including millions of records of deceased people. Subsequent investigations have traced to the leak to a site owned by Pretoria-based real estate company Jigsaw Holdings. In the podcast, Fraser explains what exactly it is that Dracore Data Sciences does and why the company was definitively not responsible for the leak. She talks about how representatives of the National Credit Regulator visited Dracore's offices on Thursday afternoon to interrogate her staff on the leak and has refuted speculation that the offices were, in fact, raided by police. Fraser explains the rules governing data protection in South Africa, why the Promotion of Personal Information Act is so important and how South Africans can and should seek to protect themselves in light of news of the leak. She also explains Dracore's previous relationship with Jigsaw Holdings.
20 Oct 2017 English South Africa Technology · Business

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