21 Apr Surviving The Times with Courtney Antipas

This week on KEEP IT REAL FRIDAYS! In the news, the sqaud (Seletine and Mimiekay) touched on new music releases from R Peels, T1 & Chizzoe and Alpha Centauri. Coco Master finally finding his leading lady and debate on whether some producers should stop rapping and stick to producing or not
The team had Courtney Antipas (formerly known as Illceey) in the building. They went ahead to discuss how he has managed to thrive whilst staying in his lane, how music is consumed and rolled out and his life as a Youth Pastor. They also talk about past "beefs" with Mudiwa and whether he would give any Gospel rappers a slap to the wrist if they get out of line. Old P.E Boyd stories with Pee Kay, Upcoming joint album with Sharky?? and sooo much more!
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